Juicy Lucy up for review

Juicy Lucy Designs have the most adorable goodies for big and little fairies alike. From cards and gifts, diaries to calendars, stationery and homeware. They’re pretty and pink and covered in fairies but come with a lovely pinch of humour too. Definitely not just for the little ones!

We were very kindly sent a bag of goodies to review and they were just gorgeous! The greetings cards and postcards are so sweet. The designs are adorable and again, there is something for little ones and grown-ups too with lots of funny messages!



I particularly loved the little wallet of Magic Messages though which are the size of a business card and perfect for slipping love notes into somebody’s lunch box or pocket. There’s a whole range of them from Fairy Princess Messages, Friendship Messages and even Cheeky Chat Ups for the grown-ups! I love leaving silly notes and these are perfect for just that.

There are lots of little gifts that would make perfect stocking fillers. Or even better, little gifts just because. To find out more, pop along to www.juicylucydesigns.com.



4 thoughts on “Juicy Lucy up for review

  1. butwhymummywhy says:

    I love Juicy Lucy and have lots of their little cards (including the naughty ones..!). They are great for putting in with parcels for friends who live far away- the cute cards that is not the naughty ones! 😉


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