Tweet tweet!

I absolutely LOVE my friend Victoria’s jewellery and as a self confessed Twitter addict, there was no question that I had to buy one of these new amazing Tweetie Tag necklaces.

It is handmade and completely unique to me with my Twitter name @MostlyYummy stamped on the tag. Obviously because this necklace is handmade to order, you can choose to have whatever you like on the tag. So your name, your favourite saying or of course your most used hashtag #justsaying

I can see these being a huge hit at tweet ups or blogging events and what better way to introduce yourself than with this gorgeous necklace? I am really proud to be the Product Champion of this beautiful necklace which is available exclusively over at We Shop right now *shakes pom poms* Definitely one to add to your letter to Santa fellow Twitter addicts!

Victoria makes lots of other beautiful handmade sterling silver jewellery too and you can find her at her lovely Etsy shop Eve & Ned or over on Facebook.


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