Good heavens! up for review

Deliciously indulgent yet healthy drinking yogurt? Yes please! And Good heavens! is just that. It’s what everybody craves – a delicious and filling yet healthy start to a busy day. I was sent some to try and they did not disappoint.

The boutique dairy’s low fat, yet creamy, drinking yogurts are really quite unique in that they offer an all natural taste and a hint of indulgence to a category of drinks which let’s face it, are usually seen as purely functional and are mostly lacking in flavour. Good heavens! drinks in contrast are firmly aimed at an adult audience eager for products that are not just healthy but tasty too. Each cute 125ml bottle contains less than 100 calories, is packed full of live yogurt cultures and is a perfect drink for starting a busy day with.


There are five flavours in two distinctive styles. The first style is the core Good heavens! drinking yogurt and it comes in three flavours – ‘Luscious Strawberry’, ‘Succulent Blackcurrant’ and ‘Refreshing Apple and Pear’. This hand crafted Mediterranean style drinking yogurt is gently blended with the finest fruit. The second style features the same drinking yogurt but this time blended with the distinctive ingredient of finely milled oats. Healthwise, oats are one of the best sources of dietary fibre. There are two flavours – one with a tangy burst of raspberry puree beautifully balanced with a drizzle of golden honey. The second flavour sees blueberry puree take the place of raspberries.

Eating and drinking yogurts have been lovingly handmade at the home of Good heavens! for over twenty years. None leaves the dairy until they’ve achieved the dairy’s signature taste. They are crafted in small batches and slowly, never rushing what should be a delicate process and I think this shows in the taste. I have to say that I tried and loved both styles.

Both of the styles and all five flavours are available in a handy four pack (RRP £2.50) from Tesco and other supermarkets. 

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