Organised chaos

Every year I vow that I will be more organised next Christmas but it never seems to happen. The truth is that I love Christmas. And I think I actually enjoy the chaos of it all. I love shopping when Slade is on a loop. I enjoy wrapping the presents with a glass of Baileys and Love Actually on tv for company. I love battling my way around Waitrose in search of Heston’s reindeer dropping flavoured custard.

But this year, I am accidentally more organised than I ever intended to be or indeed ever have been in my whole life! Give or take a couple of presents, my shopping is all done. In fact, most of the presents are wrapped already and squirrelled away. I have still enjoyed it just as much. I have loved every bit of the shopping and I must confess that the shops being that much quieter than they are about to get, made it even better. Having the house to myself with the children all at school now has meant that I have been able to spend whole days (yes days plural!) lovingly wrapping each present. Of course it means that the shops still have all the best wrapping paper, bows and ribbons on sale and I’m not running out and having to resort to using whatever the shop has left. This pleases me probably more than it should but I put as much effort into the wrapping of my presents as I put into the choosing of the gift. I’m a weirdo like that.

I always thought that being super organised would take some of the fun out of Christmas somehow but it really hasn’t. I was synchronising diaries with Mr Mostly yesterday and although I am still quite sure that there are not enough days in December, the sight of a full diary isn’t quite as daunting as it might have been. Between my four children, I will be spending most of the month sat at the back of a school hall. Not that I am complaining of course. I know how lucky I am to be at every single nativity play and carol concert having been the working mum in a previous life who used to miss out on all of this stuff. But I can actually sit back and look forward to enjoying every single packed day ahead knowing that the lion’s share of the work is done.

To be fair, I am only this organised by accident and I’m still not quite sure how I got so far ahead of myself so don’t go asking me for my top tips. But it actually feels great to be organised for once. And yes, maybe even a teeny tiny bit smug.





5 thoughts on “Organised chaos

  1. Ali says:

    I have hardly begun *sob*!!! Still get taste with the Bailey’s and Love actually. Always watch that and Christmas too, I went to school and partied as a teen with Mark a.k.a Andrew Lincoln although back then was Andrew Clutterbuck, bless!!! He of course is my favourite character and is as nice in real life 🙂 love the bit when he walks out on Kira with the self preservation bit and then later does the word thing. Oh I need to watch that now!!! x


  2. faydanamyjake says:

    I wrapped the last gift today including two birthdays!
    The way I enjoy the festive season most is relaxed. doing crafts and baking with the Children. doing Christmas themed outings and so on. Its only a few weeks after all.
    Merry Christmas!


  3. Alyson Andrew says:

    Christmas always creeps up on me and slaps me around the face…I havent bought a darn thing yet and it fills me with fear, we spend most of the night on Xmas eve wrapping, its become something of a tradition now whether I like it or not, and whilst its always last minute we always seem to manage it somehow, maybe I should embrace the madness. I too will be spending my days forthwith packed with shows and events, voluntary work and Xmas dinners but its part of the joy, these are the memorable days, chaos yes, but I wouldnt swap a moment of it x ps can I break the glass and get out the Buble yet?


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