Happy Advent!

I thought it was a good idea to buy an advent calendar that I fill myself so that I can put in four chocolate treats for each of the children rather than buying four separate horrible cardboard things with nasty cheap chocolate in. I have seen some lovely ideas doing the rounds on lots of family blogs and over on Pinterest of little Christmas wishes and activities for each day of Advent but I’m afraid that my children have been doing the chocolate thing for far too long to accept but!


I thought that I was doing really well in remembering to get the calendar down from the loft in time for December 1st. But as I laid in bed on Saturday morning seeing my Twitter timeline fill up with Advent joy, I suddenly remembered that I had only gone and forgotten to buy the chocolate to put in the bloody thing. So much for me being organised this year! So the delivery of our calendar was a little delayed on Saturday. Those pesky elves! But seriously, who decided that it was a good idea to make December 1st on a Saturday?

Anyway, we have a few days supply of chocolate tucked away now. I’m not silly enough to fill it completely – my children are light fingered when they know that there is chocolate there for the taking. But the reality is that I will forget to fill the thing again. And when I do remember, I will of course need to test some myself and then probably forget to replace them. I can see this resulting in me sitting bolt upright in bed at silly o’clock in the morning then having to scramble downstairs and find something – anything – to put behind that little door. This thought does not fill me with joy it has to be said. So this year I have decided that we won’t open the calendar until after dinner rather than at breakfast. That way I have the whole day to forget, replenish, steal and replenish the chocolate treats. Sounds like a plan, right?

Happy Advent!


12 thoughts on “Happy Advent!

  1. Mascara and Mud says:

    I saw a gorgeous Wooden House Advent Calendar thingybob at John Lewis yesterday – took all my strength to say No to buying it…plus Mr already had the Lego one under one arm for the bois! Happy Advent indeed!


  2. Maria @ Feisty Tapas says:

    We did really well on days 1 and 2 but yesterday I thought Mr Tapas had done it early in the morning and he thought I would do it later in the day so T went without opening her drawer (we also have a wooden one and we only fill the drawer for that particular day, as she likes to open them all). I felt very guilty so today she got yesterday’s and today’s. Stickers for yesterday and chocolate for today.

    I grew up in Spain where back then there were no advent calendars so that’s my excuse for failing


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