Happy Christmas from Montezuma’s!

Montezuma’s, the British family chocolate maker, has nine delicious products for this Christmas. Each neatly fits in with a classic family festive scene – from the frosty garden to the heart of the home!

Outside in the snowy winter wonderland, there’s a handy stockpile of Montezuma’s Chocolate Snowballs, available in both milk and dark organic chocolate. The milk snowballs feature an amazing combination of chilli and lime, while the dark ones are mixed with the more floral flavours of orange and geranium – both finished off with a thin white chocolate shell.


Standing happily alongside are eight organic Chunky Chocolate Snowmen – cheekily corpulent chappies resplendent in dark, milk or white chocolate.


Moving indoors to the living room, there’s a box of beautiful organic Milk Chocolate Baubles – covered in silver foil and complete with a beautiful ribbon, ready for hanging on the tree.


Meanwhile upstairs nestling in a stocking at the end of the bed, you’ll find two types of Christmas Fruit and Nuts. Coming in a cute takeaway drink cup, one features crystallised ginger, orange and raspberry pieces; the other, whole brazils, cashews and walnuts all covered in a thick layer of milk chocolate.

Downstairs in the kitchen, there’s three organic chocolate Advent Calendars hanging up. One’s dark chocolate (suitable for vegans); the second milk and white chocolate (great for kids); while the third is mixed featuring some of Montezuma’s most popular flavours such as chilli and lime and coffee.

Also found in the kitchen is Spiced Drinking Chocolate. 54% dark organic chocolate is expertly blended with spiced mandarin for an evocative and warming Christmas drink – perfect for after the long family walk. There’s also two Truffle Collections – one with traditional Christmas flavours including plum pudding and cherry; the other flavoured with festive alcoholic tipples such as sherry and Bucks Fizz.


Finally, joining the family back in the living room with their heads buried in new Christmas books are two Chocolate Libraries. These feature bars gathered together in a rigid gift box – one with five of the most popular 100g bars, another with twelve organic mini bars (two each of six flavours).

Happy Christmas from Montezuma’s!

All are available direct from montezumas.co.uk, its five shops (Brighton, Chichester, Winchester, Kingston-upon-Thames and Spitalfields in London), John Lewis, Debenhams, moonpig.com and good food stores.


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