The one with the little book worms

When I was a little girl, Santa always left one present at the end of my bed and the rest went under the Christmas tree. The present at the bottom of my bed was always a book (usually that years Sindy annual!) I have to say that it was quite clever thinking as it meant my mother would have got a few extra minutes in bed on Christmas morning. I like your thinking Santa! Now I have children of my own, we have carved out our own traditions over the years but one that I’ve carried on is the book idea. Santa always leaves a stocking at the bottom of our bed for the children and there is always a book each in there and lots of other goodies too. Every single teeny tiny stocking filler is also individually wrapped buying Mummy yet more precious minutes in bed. Thank you Santa..!

I was sent some gorgeous books to review recently from Carlton Books and I have to say that my very first thought was what beautiful stocking fillers they would make. My love affair with my books has never waned and it makes my heart burst that my children are little book worms too.




When the queen of the land pricks her finger on a needle, the sight of her own blood makes her long for a child with skin as white as snow and lips as red as blood. But soon after little Snow White is born, death claims her poor mother and her father finds himself a new queen. Envious of her step-daughter’s great beauty, the new queen orders for her to be led into the forest and killed. But by a twist of fortune, Snow White finds herself instead in the care of seven kindly dwarfs. The illustrations in this book are just bewitching and it has beautiful pop-up pages and also a treasure hunt game adding another dimension to this classic tale from the Brothers Grimm.




Journey into the magical world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth with Tolkien’s World. This comprehensive and lavishly illustrated guide lets you discover the legendary characters and places of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. You can travel through the perilous forest of Mirkwood, peer into the cavernous hall under the Lonely Mountain to see the fiery dragon Smaug on his treasure hoard, or venture into the evil realm of Mordor. With absolutely stunning artwork Tolkien’s World is ideal for hobbit fans, big and small!

Both books are available from Carlton Books now and are each priced £14.99. 



6 thoughts on “The one with the little book worms

  1. PerfHappyMum says:

    I always used to get books at Christmas and we are keeping the tradition going. Both boys adore books and I love the excitement in our house when they find a new book.


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