An early Christmas present (with love from me to me)

Upper Street had an amazing offer of a whopping 50% off to celebrate the launch of their new (and ever so fabulous) iPad app. So quite frankly, it would have been rude not to. An early Christmas present with love from me to me if you will.

I already have some ballet flats from Upper Street that I LOVE and I couldn’t wait to get started on my design. I don’t believe in saving things for best so I wanted a shoe that I could wear all of the time and enjoy every single day not just once in a blue moon.



I’m a busy mummy of four and my days mostly consist of literally running the school run and traipsing around Waitrose. Oh the glamour! So I wanted to go for a lower heel for boring old practical reasons but of course this doesn’t mean that I had to compromise on style. I have lots of winter dresses in berry tones so I also wanted to use those kind of colours in my design. The idea being that they would match as many of my dresses as possible and would also be perfect for brightening up my many black dresses too. This way I get to wear them as much as I can.



The service from Upper Street was superb. Designing my shoes on the iPad app was an absolute joy from start to finish. Such an easy process and such good fun! I love that once your order is made, they keep you updated from start to finish which is perfect for somebody as impatient as me. The shoes were delivered perfectly packaged as you would expect of course for bespoke shoes but I honestly and truly couldn’t be happier with the end result. The shoes are beautifully made and fit like a glove. They are even more gorgeous in the flesh than I could ever have imagined in fact *swoon*


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