The one where I am incredibly proud

My teenage daughter had her Winter Wonderland concert at school last week and it was amazing. Seriously amazing. This isn’t me doing the whole gushing proud parent thing (although I clearly am a gushing proud parent) but those kids – my daughter – are just amazingly talented. Watching her, I couldn’t quite believe that she could be mine. How did I ever create such a talented child? I wanted to prod every single person in the audience that night and say, that’s my daughter up there on the drums!


She has been playing the drums for coming up to two years now and is now learning to play the keyboard too. But the time and dedication that she puts into her music is just incredible. On top of two hourly lessons every week, she practices in the music room every single lunchtime, after school she is part of the orchestra, choir and rock band, then she comes home and practices some more! It’s so lovely to see what an incredible passion she has for it all and boy does it show when she is up there on that stage. I’m so so SO heart swellingly proud of her and I will never tire of telling her that despite how annoying I am (apparently)

My daughter has a confidence that I never ever had as a teenager. Well in fact, a confidence that I still don’t have today as an adult. But she is like me in so many other ways and it’s almost like meeting a super duper improved teenage version of myself and her spirit is positively infectious. At just thirteen, she is on the cusp of adulthood and it is mind blowing to see a glimpse of the person that she will become. A really bloody awesome one. And she makes me think that maybe just maybe I’m not doing such a terrible job of this parenting thing after all.

That’s my daughter THAT’S MY DAUGHTER!





7 thoughts on “The one where I am incredibly proud

  1. alysonandrew says:

    that made me have a little happy cry, my 14yo is the super duper version of me too, none of the insecurities and confident to boot, well done you, it doesn’t happen by accident – her love of music has been positively encouraged and promoted by you – dont underestimate that xxx


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