New York Soup Co up for review

Bursting with flavour and chunky fresh ingredients, these new Fully Loaded soups from New York Soup Co include BBQ Pulled Pork and Bean, Tomato and Meatball, Nacho Chilli Chicken and Chunky Lentil and Bean.

New York Soup Co.’s recipes are all about the vast range of ingredients and the melting pot of eclectic cuisines that you find in New York City. All its soups are made from scratch with fresh ingredients that are gently simmered for a home cooked flavour and texture. Inspired by the soup bars of New York, these Fully Loaded soups are full to the brim with chunky fresh ingredients to provide you with a warming lunch.


I was sent one of each of the new flavours to try out and they did not disappoint. Each pot contains two greedy adult sized portions or easily enough for one adult and two little people. The flavours had a real kick to them and I loved that they were packed with chunky fresh ingredients making for a really hearty lunch.

New York Soup Co. are available from Tesco and are priced at around £2.10. For more information please visit or become a fan over on Facebook.



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