Lego Duplo Photo Safari up for review

We have had so much fun being part of the Lego Duplo UK Blogger Panel for 2012. We were sent this amazing Photo Safari set to review recently and as you can see, the girls were a teeny bit excited….


The set comes with three film crew characters and includes a plane and safari vehicle. There is also a tent, fireplace, tree, bridge and assorted Duplo bricks to build your camp. Best of all though are of course the animals. There is an ostrich, hippo, giraffe, leopard, elephant, baby elephant, crocodile and fish. I particularly loved how the animals are posable too from the giraffe’s neck to the snippy snappy crocodile mouth. There are lots of accessories too from a camera for the film crew to a hunk of meat for the leopard. There really is everything you could possibly need for a safari.



It’s no secret that we LOVE Lego Duplo but this really is a fabulous play set. So many pieces and so much fun to be had. Obviously the beauty of Lego Duplo is that it is perfect for younger hands and is of course compatible with all other Duplo sets too. We have had hours of fun with this and I honestly can’t recommend it enough!

Photo Safari, Item number #6156, Ages 2-5, 67 pieces, RRP £49.99. Toys R Us are running a special promotion right now where you get a free gift of a plush Duplo bunny when you spend over £25 on Lego Duplo. Huge thanks again to the lovely folks over at Lego Duplo for asking us to be part of this years panel we have had so much fun! 

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