The one with the most beautiful pair of wellies ever. Yes, really.

I had been promising myself some new wellies as the ones I had, were way past their best. They had been clinging on for dear life for months but with a broken top buckle thingamajig and a crack appearing around the heel, it was time for Mr Mostly to put his hand in his pocket.

I spent forever looking online as only I can but seriously, who knew that there was so much choice? Anyway, I had pretty much decided on Hunters in an amazing glossy violet colour. I’ve never had Hunters before but everybody who I know who has them, raves about them. And of course, the fact that they come in every possible colour including an amazing shade of purple was always going to swing it for me.

But we were at Bolton Abbey for a walk just after New Year and it seems that everyone got Hunters for Christmas and I missed the memo. Honestly, every other person that we passed were wearing bloody Hunters. It was like last year’s Barbour coat all over again. And suddenly those wellies that I had spent so long choosing didn’t seem quite so nice any more. So my quest for even better wellies commenced. But just look at what I found..



Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you quite possibly the most beautiful pair of wellies that I have ever laid eyes on (and living in Yorkshire and being a fully paid up member of the National Trust, I have seen an awful lot!) These beauties from Joules couldn’t be more perfect for me. The Evedon comes in navy, black or green and I opted for the navy. They come with the most amazing red ribbon bow on the back and even better, they come with an extra set of ribbons in fuchsia too. I might have squealed a little bit when I opened the box.

Unfortunately for me, my size had sold out in the Joules sale online (there’s a bargain to be had if you happen to be a size 3 though) but once I had my heart set on them, I had to have them and ended up finding these in Office. Full price. Ouch. I must admit that knowing that I plan to wear these to death takes the sting out of the price tag though. Price per wear and all that *cough*ย I love them probably more than anyone should ever love a pair of wellies. What have I become? Don’t answer that by the way.

So the fashion lesson on the day folks? It’s that practical can also mean beautiful. Really really beautiful. I thank you.


22 thoughts on “The one with the most beautiful pair of wellies ever. Yes, really.

  1. Whole Life Fitness says:

    Ok whilst I am not taking away from the gorgeousness of the wellies, and I hate to be a downer but just when did ribbons become practical with mud? Which is why I presume you need the wellies?


  2. Amanda says:

    Umm can we say ‘welly envy’!, never thought I’d see the day, but yeah, awesome wellies!

    Love the bows, a bit a glam without being too in your face.

    Hope you have lots of rain in Yorkshire so you get to wear your wellies all the time!


  3. kewtweets says:

    Outrageous but then you are such a “yummy” I’ll let you off…my Joules wellies leaked (replaced twice) so I havve gone back to wearing practical Hunters in aubergine.


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      Eeekk! Don’t say that! They’ve passed my prettiness test but I’m yet to put them through their paces, here’s hoping I strike lucky or else I’ll be copying your aubergine Hunters ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Fishfingers for tea says:

    I love these. We end up in wellies a fair bit and my current pair are a cheapy bright pink affair. No style at all but the 3 year old gets such a kick out of them being similar to hers I haven’t the heart to change them yet.


  5. WallyMummy says:

    Haha! I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of wellies! But those are very shiny ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m not sure I wouldn’t have spent the money on wine though ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol xx


  6. allthegear says:

    They are beeeeeeautiful! I have the same predicament & may have to copy. We’re West Yorks though so hopefully we won’t turn up for the same walk wearing them!


  7. jennylanc says:

    I am dying for a pair of these–absolutely gorgeous! I’m in the US and they are sold out on the US joules site. So jealous of yours!


  8. Emily Clara says:

    Hi… I am aware its been a while since you posted this but… I was wondering how these have stood up to the test of time! I’m desperate to find a pretty pair of wellies that don’t leak, crack or split after a few years worth of occasional use! (For the price they are charging I want a few years to get my moneys worth!!)


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