Is it just me?

Yesterday was one of those days where attempting to get four children out of the house felt like more effort than it was worth. Is it just me that still struggles to get out of the house in less than twenty minutes? Somebody needs the toilet, somebody can’t find their gloves, somebody is dressed for a tropical beach when you are about to go out in the Yorkshire snow and so it goes on. Sigh.

Everything is harder when you have more children than hands but honestly, you’d think that I’d be better at this by now, wouldn’t you? After rounding up four children, making sure they are all appropriately dressed and of course in the case on my four year old, that means being dressed AT ALL. I blame the parents. Coats! Hats! Gloves! Boots! Double checking that the teen hasn’t put the eyeliner that you told her to take off back on again and making sure that the cat hasn’t been locked in the shoe cupboard. Again. Coats! Hats! Gloves! Boots! Quick head count, go go go! Sometimes, just sometimes, it all feels too much like hard work. Remember when leaving the house just meant slicking on some lipstick, grabbing your handbag and going? *cue hysterical laughter*


As it goes, the whole attempting to leave the house thing was worth the risk of yet another stress induced grey hair yesterday. We ended up spending hours and hours in the snow at Yorkshire Sculpture Park and it was just stunning. There was hardly another soul in sight and it felt like we had the 500 acres of country estate to ourselves for the most part. And of course it was a perfect opportunity for me to test drive my beautiful new wellies *cough*


30 thoughts on “Is it just me?

  1. HelpfulMum says:

    I wish I could leave the house in under 15 minutes! Sometimes it totally doesn’t seem worth the effort, especially when you get halfway up the street and one of them has a tantrum! The joys! I do love your wellies though.


  2. sarah ffelan says:

    Can completely relate. I rarely make it out in less than 20mins from declaring, ‘Right you lot let’s get in the car.’ We are on the bell for school most days!! And yes, nice wellies and coat!


  3. Headinbook says:

    This is us too! Leaving the house, especially in the winter, is my least favourite bit. Chasing down hats while trying to stop the 7yo putting on sandals before we head out into the snow…

    I read of someone the other day who just bought dozens of cheap black one-size-fits-all gloves and kept them in a pot by the door so each family member just grabbed a random pair. I wish I could remember where I saw it – genius idea.


  4. citygirlgonecoastal says:

    Leaving the house with the twins is like a military operation with everything planned out and contingencies in place if the little sods thwart my attempts to make them wear clothes, can’t imagine how you do it with 4!


  5. Jill says:

    I only have two children but it takes us ages to leave the house! It’s like a military operation to get out of the door and ready in time for school! Love the wellies! Where abouts in Yorkshire is the Sculpture Park as all our family life in North Yorkshire and it sounds like a great place to go while we visiting.


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      Yorkshire Sculpture Park is fab – well worth a visit! Although it might be a bit far south for you, it’s straight off the M1 but just outside Wakefield sort of straying into South Yorkshire territory 🙂


  6. fionastarstone says:

    Wonderful wellies… Mighty posh!

    Getting a 2&3 year old out of the house is a struggle enough so Four must be a nightmare!


  7. PhotoPuddle says:

    I feel your pain and I only have to leave the house with two children and one of then is only a baby who doesn’t even have to go to school. I am so impressed with how you manage it with four. And still apparently look fantastic youself!


  8. richmondmummy says:

    I only have one child to get out of the house (well, until baby number two puts in an appearance that is!) and it usually takes a good 10-20 minutes depending on how willing she is to put on her shoes, coat, scarf, gloves, get in the buggy etc etc… sometimes it really makes me lose the will to live trying to leave the house!! And of course, loving the wellies 🙂 xx


  9. Adele says:

    You made me laugh with this. I have one super organised 6 year old sitting waiting by the front door and her twin sister who knows where? We stand at the door yelling ”shoes” ”coat” ”where are you”. And if life wasn’t difficult with twins we throw a 2 year old little boy into the mix too just as carefree as his big sister. We are always late everywhere its a nightmare.


  10. mummylimited says:

    I am so glad you wrote this, I think. I’m pleased as I often think i should have the leaving the house thing sussed by now, so am relieved I’m not alone, but on the other hand, if you still haven’t sorted then I have years of this nonsense ahead of me.
    Recently OH and I had an evening on our own and went to the cinema. I literally watched Miranda until the moment we had to leave, grabbed my bag and keys and left the house. It felt odd


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