Happy birthday baby girl

Happy birthday baby girl.

(Although I’m not sure how it is possible that you are five already. I might have to ask for a recount…)

You sneaked into The Big Bed for the first time in as long as I can remember last night and funnily enough, it’s the best nights sleep I’ve had in ages. This time last year, I knew our days of sleepy cuddles and waking together were numbered but I still can’t help but miss them. For now at least I get to cuddle you to sleep every night after bedtime stories and I hope that this might carry on for a good while yet young lady.

Your love for dustbin trucks, trains and fire engines still hasn’t waned (just wait until you see the cake Mr Waitrose Mummy has made for you) Although you are rightly puzzled by some of your school friends who say they are for boys. What do they know? Pah! Talking of school, this has been such a big year for you but you’d never know it from how you have taken it all in your stride. Off you skipped in September with a kiss and a wave and you have loved it every day since. You’ve started reading in the last month which is just mind blowing given the struggles that you face with your speech. You are the most determined little girl in the whole wide world, no doubt about it.


You wanted a puppy for your birthday. A real live puppy. We talked about it lots and lots but decided that maybe just maybe our cats Duchess and Elvis wouldn’t be too keen. But your present of an all singing all dancing battery powered pup had you deem this The Best Birthday Ever so that’s good enough for me. Oh, and you’ve named him Puppy of course, Puppy the puppy. Most of your toys names follow this theme come to think of it, apart from Tiger the Leopard. But he is rather special after all.

Happy birthday baby girl. You make my heart burst with pride and joy every single day.

I love you more than sausages,

Mummy x


12 thoughts on “Happy birthday baby girl

  1. Charly Dove says:

    Hope she has a wonderful birthday! Really great post and lovely photo. She looks delighted with Puppy! We have Colin the crocodile and a dolly called Rice 🙂


  2. Karen Jones says:

    What a gorgeous post Sarah ! She is every bit as beautiful as her mummy.
    In my experience though they NEVER get too old for cuddles xxx
    Happy Birthday little one xxxx


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