What I Wore Wednesday

It’s Wednesday..

..so it’s what I wore


Feather scarf – M&S, black vest – H&M, black cardigan – Gap, leather cuff – Mulberry (as seen here) watch – Michael Kors, red jeans – M&S, leopard print ballet flats – Georgia Rose c/o Sarenza (as seen here

Have coloured jeans been and gone? I honestly don’t know but I’m still loving mine and they are definitely here to stay in my wardrobe. These bright cherry red jeans never fail to cheer me up. I am never quite sure what to wear with them though and tend to play it really safe with plain black tops like I have here. I’ve actually been keeping an eye out for a denim shirt to wear with my coloured jeans layered with a white vest à la Pinterest but I am yet to find one that I like. I think I must be too fussy. I do think that there’s a fine line between being bright and bold and looking like a second rate children’s entertainer though and it’s not a line I really want to cross! But am I being too safe? How do you wear yours?

I’ve had this scarf for ages now and wear it quite a lot. I love the peacock feather print and it’s HUGE so it’s perfect for wrapping up on a draughty train ride or even for cosying up for a sneaky afternoon Nana nap. (I do love me a Nana nap) I think it breaks up this outfit nicely though and the black and red pattern hopefully brings it all together but without being too matchy matchy.

Leopard print and red are surely a match made in fashion heaven and I love these little Georgia Rose ballet flats with the red leather trim. The Mulberry cuff you have seen a million times before on my outfit posts but I love it to bits. It has a double wrap leather bracelet with the little apple charm that can open up. It also acts as a great distraction tool for small people who love to open it and close it over and over and over and over again!

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16 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. Amy @mammalewis says:

    I love today’s outfit!! You have fab style! I love coloured jeans but never have the balls to wear them! I’ve always fancied a pair of red jeans, they really look good on you! X


  2. Grenglish says:

    You always look so fab! I am still wearing my coloured jeans, I hope they are here to stay as I love mine too. Although you definitely look much better in yours xx


  3. richmondmummy says:

    Great outfit, you look stunning – I’m still a big fan of coloured jeans, am looking forward to the day I can get back into mine post baby! 🙂 ps. Glad you are still loving the Mulberry cuff – totes gorge! Xx


  4. cehobson says:

    Ahh I’m the same always play it safe with red jeans with a plain black top, although I did brave a breton top with them once but this has since fallen victim to orange baby food stains 😦


  5. Melaina25 says:

    I love your Mulberry cuff–so much I might have to go check eBay 🙂 I’ve never done coloured jeans only b/c I can’t imagine they’d flatter my giant arse!


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