Five things (that you don’t really need to know) about Shrove Tuesday

Five things (that you don’t really need to know) about Shrove Tuesday. But I will tell you them anyway.

1. The first pancake never turns out quite right. But if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. This little motto sees me through much of my life to be fair.

2. They have to be proper pancakes. None of those big fat American style numbers nor is this the day for crepes. Only proper (and slightly misshapen) pancakes will do.

3. You will come across one hundred and one suggestions on how to serve your pancakes. Not here. Do you know what? Nothing comes close to lemon and sugar. Fact.

4. Lemon juice for pancakes has to come out of a squeezy plastic lemon shaped Jif bottle. Even though you have real live lemons in the fridge. It’s tradition. I blame a childhood of being dragged up on Crispy Pancakes and Angel Delight. What can I say?

5. My youngest daughter was born on Shrove Tuesday and was nicknamed Pancake by her Grandad while we decided on her name. She is currently trying to wrangle a second birthday out of today. A bit like the Queen only with more pancakes. Hmmm nice try.

Happy Pancake Day folks!


8 thoughts on “Five things (that you don’t really need to know) about Shrove Tuesday

  1. Expat Mammy says:

    I love her thinking with a 2nd birthday, I grew up crispy pancakes & angel delight, the smell of it send me right back


  2. tinkerbelle86 says:

    I’m pretty sure its the amount of grease that ruins the first one. It doesnt matter how little butter you put in, it always comes out a bit weird, doesnt it? I gorged on lemon and sugar, and then tried out some lemon curd yoghurt. Not the same, but pretty damn awesome!


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