Emma Bridgewater for Comic Relief up for review

One of my very favourite British pottery makers Emma Bridgewater has created an exclusive new homeware range for Red Nose Day 2013 and it really is gorgeous! The collection consists of six different mug designs, two tea towels and apron designs, an oven glove and a bag for life, all designed to reflect the Red Nose Day personality and its theme ‘Do Something Funny For Money’.


The range features the distinctive Emma Bridgewater black text, synonymous with the designer since she first launched the iconic Toast and Marmalade range 20 years ago. The text features in a series of funny phrases for Red Nose Day along with a specially designed feathered ‘snitch’ nose.

The mug shown here costs £9.99 with at least £4.00 going to Comic Relief and the bag for life (just seen in the background there) is also £9.99 again with at least £4.00 being donated.

The money donated will be spent by Comic Relief to help people living incredibly tough lives across Africa and of course here in the UK too. They are available from Red Nose Day official partners, HomeSense and TK Maxx throughout the UK but I’d hurry if I were you, I can see these babies flying off the shelves!





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