The one where it turns a bit ranty

I’m not usually one to rant. No really, I’m not. I’m a shrug it off and get on with it kind of girl. But a phone call from the school secretary this morning has left me fuming. Absolutely fuming.

My five-year old is not very well. She was off school yesterday and I have kept her off again today. She has an awful cold and hacking great big cough that has been keeping her awake at night poor lamb. When Mr Mostly took our six-year old to school, he called in to tell the five-year old’s teachers that she wasn’t very well and silly me for thinking that was good enough. But no, I got an arsey phone call from the school secretary quizzing me on why she was off again.

I was a bit gobsmacked to be honest and it is one of those times where I wish I was better at thinking on my feet. She mentioned how it’s not her first absence and questioned just how poorly she was if it was just a cold. Errr, well poorly enough for me to see fit to keep her off school thankyouverymuch! Then she was asking me about her previous absences and if there were any recurring illnesses such as tonsillitis or ear infections. There isn’t but I don’t see how that would make a difference. If my child is ill, then my child is ill. End of. It wasn’t until afterwards that the cynic in me wondered if this was all a ticky box exercise and maybe recurring illnesses were more favourable somehow for their facts and figures? Presumably my daughter being ill is cocking up their attendance figures. Yeah, sorry about that. Not.

Just to set things straight, my five-year old is my youngest of four children. I’m not some flibbertygibbert that keeps my children off school at the drop of a hat. Quite the opposite in fact. Just ask my teens, they will tell you that they have to be at death’s door before they can wrangle a day off school. A pushover I am not. But when they are ill, really genuinely ill, of course I keep them off school. And how very dare the school question my judgement as a parent!

The fact is that my poor little five-year old has had lurgy after lurgy since starting blasted school in September. As is the norm of course. And while I’m on a rant, what about all of those germ ridden kids that I see being dropped off at school every day when they are clearly too poorly to even be there? Maybe more parents should actually keep poorly children at home and not send them into school spreading their germs to classmates. Civic duty if you will. Just a thought.

Seething. Absolutely bloody seething.



P.S. The patient is currently snoring besides me after very little sleep last night as I type this. Hopefully she will be better soon for the sake of the school’s attendance figures. Yeah right. She’ll be going back to school when she is good and ready thankyouverymuch. Please take note snotty secretaries.


22 thoughts on “The one where it turns a bit ranty

  1. Amanda says:

    You can’t win either way, if you sent her in all snotty no doubt someone would complain. As her mother you do know best for your child, and they should accept that, not question your judgement.
    Hope she’s feeling better soon


  2. Barenakedmummy says:

    Bloody nora – I wouidn’t worry about being ranty!
    Ours are the kind of school who put plasters on the tiniest cut making youngest think that she is about to die! And then ring you when you’ve already filled in the absent form on the web page! My child also has hacky cough and slept from Friday until Sunday!


  3. Jen Walshaw (@Mum_TheMadHouse) says:

    I have a hate, hate relationship with school secretaries and made it known to the head just how incompetent the current one is! I am now known as “that woman” and you know what I do not care. You know what is best for your girl and I hope she is feeling better soon


  4. Notmyyearoff says:

    That’s awful. It does sound like a ticket box exercise from what you say and that’s even worse. If you had taken her in they would have only rung you to ask you to collect her!


  5. faydanamyjake says:

    If I call my child in sick on Monday I don’t bother to call on Tuesday, yep still ill .. this has been the worst winter in my parenting memory for illness and I think a lot of it is down to kids being sent in ill so parents can work and keep their jobs. the recession strikes again. As for school secretaries they all go to the same charm school as life guards and traffic wardens 🙂


  6. Kelly Wiffin says:

    I am not looking forward to my daughter starting school as it is, this has put me off even more! What a rude woman. Ignore her and I hope your little one gets better soon!


  7. Only Best For Baby says:

    You know what is best for your children. Missing a couple of days at school because your daughter is ill is nothing in the great big scheme of life. It will only do her good.

    Best wishes to your daughter for a very speedy recovery (not so that she can get back to school, but so she feels better and is well again). Lydia x


  8. knittymummy says:

    In Germany they have a culture of not turning up for work/school the moment they start feeling unwell. Which actually results in better attendance rates because they don’t give it to everyone else by dragging themselves into work/school


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      I understand that the school have silly Ofsted targets to reach etc but I think they were a bit keen to be honest! Little people get poorly often and having targets for such things seems really quite ridiculous. I could maybe understand them questioning me if she had been off for a long time or every other week but as it is, it just seems like a waste of everybody’s time.


  9. Icklebabe says:

    That’s awful! I actually can’t believe she was so intrusive …. We are talking about a five year old for goodness sake !!
    Rant away chick, and I’m with you, I can’t stand parents who send their kids in sick and then infect everyone else, surely that’s where the real problem lies.
    Worlds gone mad I tell u!? … Hehe I rant on your behalf – and also as I’ve been up half the night with the Milsta who has a sick bug… Probably from nursery 😉
    Love and hugs to u and littler too, bless her . Hope she gets better soon .


  10. Alyson Andrew says:

    The children I see in counselling have often time been forced to come into school unwell, truly sick, and it makes me sad that a school would actively want that to be the case. If a child is unwell they need to be at home, regardless of figures and stat, a child’s wellbeing is always paramount


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