Happy Birthday Big Little Girl

Happy birthday big little girl!

Seven years old today. Seven? How did that happen?! Not that it has come out of the blue of course. You have been counting down the days to your birthday since your little sister’s birthday in February. And before that, you counted down the days from Christmas to her birthday. And before that, you counted down the days from Halloween to Christmas.ย But at least you don’t have very long to count down until Daddy’s birthday which is just tomorrow. I think you counting down the days to everything and anything is quite possibly one of my favourite of your many quirks yet. I hope you don’t stop any time soon.ย 

009You have turned into quite the little bookworm in this last year. Just like Mummy. And you scribble away in your little notebook keeping a daily diary. Just like Mummy. You love school apart from maths. That can be a bit tricky. I think you might be better at maths than you think you are, you just haven’t realised it yet. But that’s okay.

You started to go to Rainbows this year but decided that it wasn’t quite right for you and you joined Art Club instead which you love. I think we might have to build a whole new wing to house your amazing creations though!

You still work your way through the fruit bowl quicker than a plague of locusts. In fact, even more so since you discovered that apples make light work of wobbly teeth. You see, this year has seen you make friends with The Tooth Fairy. She has been to see you four times so far and I don’t think that it will be long before she visits again. I’m not sure that The Tooth Fairy would approve of you spending your golden coin on buying a Kinder Egg though. But I promise that I won’t tell her if you don’t.

You are growing to be such a sensitive and kind hearted little girl and I honestly and truly couldn’t be prouder of you. Having you in my life makes me a kinder and more patient Mummy, no question about it. You have a way of making me stop and take stock. And smile. A lot. Happy birthday big little girl.ย 

I love you more than sausages,

Mummy x

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Big Little Girl

  1. TheMadHouse says:

    Happy birthday to your seven year old. What a lovely post. How funny Mini is seven in June and is about the only one in his class with all his teeth and he is desperate for the tooth fairy to visit! Have fun at art class and my tip is to take pictures of the artwork and then you can give it away and share the love!


  2. dillytante says:

    It’s my birthday too today. Sounds like I share it with an ace little big girl. I too am a book work and I’d love to go to art club! Hope she has a lovely day ๐Ÿ™‚


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