Badge It! up for review

Badge It! is back by popular demand and we were lucky enough to be sent one of these much loved toys to review.

The Badge It! maker has got quick, simple, no mess badge making all buttoned up. You can make unique, high quality metal badges in minutes of your favourite pop star, footballer or even pet. The award winning design makes creativity simple as there is no glue and no mess. You can use photos, pictures from magazines or your own drawings to make the badge you want. It comes with a special template so you can cut out the perfect sized picture to make your badge. It also includes ready made badge designs if you prefer to get you started. The contents make up to 15 badges and this includes the badge tops, bottoms, transparent seals and safety pins.


It is simple to use but you do need to read the instructions fully. Unfortunately I made a bit of a boob with our first attempt as I put the badge components in the machine the wrong way around. You can imagine how popular this made me. I’m not even sure how I did it but obviously it meant that we ‘lost’ a badge *cringe* But honestly, even for somebody as useless at crafty things as me, it really is easy to use and your badge is ready in minutes.


Badge It! is recommended for ages 6+ and I would definitely agree with this. When you follow the instructions properly *ahem* it is easy to use. Without meaning to point out the obvious, these are real metal badges with pin fasteners though so it really isn’t suitable for very little people. My seven year old daughter loves this toy and Badge It! gets a big thumbs up from us!

Badge It! is available at The Entertainer and priced at £19.99 with refill packs also available for £8.99. For more news you can visit the Facebook page or follow them over on Twitter


7 thoughts on “Badge It! up for review

  1. sarahhillwheeler says:

    We bought exact same set for J for Christmas and he loved it. It was a good choice as he loves to be creative and so many of the sets are very girly, this one was pleasantly neutral.


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