You know you have a big family when….

You know you have a big family when….

The laundry basket doesn’t have a bottom. Or at least you haven’t seen the bottom of it for a very long time.

If the mountain of ironing ever avalanches, then you would be sure to lose a child. Or even two.

You don’t have a photograph of all of the children together where there isn’t at least one of them looking the other way or more likely, gurning.

Shoes come in piles rather than pairs. And the chances of finding an actual pair is quite slim. Same applies to socks.Β 

Multipacks of anything, but especially pain au chocolat, pretty much get demolished in one go.

You get through so much toilet roll that it would be easy to believe that the Andrex puppy has moved in.

No matter how many bathrooms you have, there is never one that isn’t occupied. Or strewn with towels. Or toilet roll. See above.

They empty the fruit bowl quicker than a plague of locusts.

You can’t just nip out. In the time it takes to gather up all of the children, find their shoes and jackets, strap them into the car and have done at least two head counts to make sure that you haven’t lost one along the way, you could have been there and back. Twice.

Bedtime hour actually takes more like two hours. And that’s on a good night.

….But I wouldn’t have it any other way of course, big families rock!


20 thoughts on “You know you have a big family when….

  1. carla says:

    I sympathise about the food thing! I used to be able to do a monthly shop now it’s more like a weekly shop!!!
    It’s always hetic always something going on but I too would not have it any other way! x


  2. mutteringsofafool says:

    Tell me children use less clothes once they’re older? Our 2 babies give us the bottomless laundry basket already! Although with the windy weather recently we did make a dent as we could get 4 loads done a day.
    You just need to get a dog now to complete the family….


  3. franglaisemummy says:

    The photo comment made me laugh – I’m one of 5 and was recently looking at old family pictures and we don’t have one decent photo of all of us, just to reassure you – this is always true as we are now in our 30s and 40s and still can’t get one good photo of all of us, even at our own weddings!


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