John Deere toys up for review

My little girl is absolutely tractor mad. Well, actually she loves just about anything that has wheels – fire engines, trains, cars, you name it! But tractors are her absolute favourite so when the lovely people from Tomy got in touch about their range of John Deere toys, we jumped at the chance to put them to the test.


This Monster Treads Tractor is great. It has lights and sounds and even comes complete with batteries. The tractor has big bouncy rubber wheels which my daughter informs me are absolutely essential. It is nice and chunky for little hands to steer easily though and it looks like it will be really hard wearing. There are other tractors available in this same range and I noticed that the one we have also has a hook on the back so you could use with other trailers etc which is always a bonus.


This Fun on the Farm Playset is just fabulous and comes with a whopping 20 pieces. More than plenty to get your farm started that’s for sure. There is a tractor with a trailer, a spinning harvester, a tractor with a tilting dump box and another with a moveable claw. The vehicles have lovely little features like the driver bouncing up and down as it drives, or the hood to the engine opening. It comes with lots of accessories such as a hay bale, a crate of tomatoes and fences. Plus there are animals and two farmers who can drive any of the tractors. Although I have to say that the animals get to drive in our farm too, my five year old isn’t that big on health and safety to be honest!


This Johnny Tractor and Allie Gator set is perfect for smaller tractor lovers as they are made from squeezable material but still have easy roll along wheels. They both have really friendly little faces and my daughter loved these! Again there are other vehicles available in the range so it is something that you could add to over time which is always a good thing I find.

I think it goes without saying that these John Deere toys get a huge thumbs up from us. I love that the tractors are interchangeable so the fun really is endless as it is something that you can go on to collect more of. They seem to be of really good quality and I can see us playing with these time and time again for years to come. They are perfect for imaginative role play of course and I love all of the little moveable features. This is what really makes them stand out from maybe other standard push along toys for me.

You can find out more about the whole range of John Deere toys over at 



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