Micro Scooters up for review

When we were asked if we would like to try out some new Micro Scooters, I have to say that the first thing that amazed me was just how much choice there was. There is a scooter for everyone from tots to grown-ups! Now, I might have a sneaky scoot on the way to school when nobody is looking but I thought I would leave the real road testing to the experts! Ha!


For my five-year old, we went for the Maxi Micro T-bar Scooter. It’s the perfect step up from the Mini Micro Scooter and I was really impressed by just how robust it is. It is a three-wheeler model so it is perfect for building confidence while still offering that bit more stability. The handlebar is fully adjustable meaning that it grows with your child and the scooter is actually suitable right up to age 12. There is a back pedal break that we are still getting to grips with but going by my older children, this is something that takes some practice. It has a tilt and lean steering system which I know sounds like it might be tricky to learn but actually it is a really instinctive way to scoot and my daughter is a whizz already! We chose the limited edition pink scooter which is priced at £109.95 but other colours are also available in this same T-bar style.


For my seven-year old we went for the Micro Sprite Scooter. It’s suitable for ages 5-12 and I think it is perfect for beginners who are ready to move on to two-wheeled scooting. The one thing that really stood out to me was just how easy it was to set up and adjust but also, just how lightweight it was. It is also completely foldable making it easy to transport. It comes complete with a back pedal break and a handy fold down stand. It steers like a bike too with a fully turning handlebar which my daughter loves. Being new to a two-wheeler, she’s still a little wobbly turning corners but I know that it won’t be long before she is back whizzing at full speed! We chose pink but it comes in other colours too and is priced at £54.00.


My girls absolutely love their Micro Scooters and anything that gets us up and out will always a get big thumbs up from me of course! I was really impressed by just how sturdy they are and I can see us getting years and years of play out of them. I love that there are so many additional accessories to choose from too. From practical solutions like carry cover bags and handy pull straps to retro style hooters and handlebar ribbons. I think it’s safe to say that this is just the very start of our Micro Scooter fun!


Disclaimer: We were sent the two Micro Scooters as shown in this post for the purpose of this review but all opinions are of course my own. As are the dirty faced monsters modelling said scooters. 


8 thoughts on “Micro Scooters up for review

  1. Tamsin's World says:

    They both look great on their scooters. Mind you, you most definitely need one for yourself – hubby and I got them a couple of months ago and honestly so much fun (even if look a tad on daft side) (ok a lot on daft side!)


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