The one where I am not quite as blonde

So I was at the hairdressers yesterday. Hours and hours stretched ahead with nothing more taxing to do than turn the pages of a glossy magazine and drink copious amounts of coffee while occasionally talking about the weather. Complete and utter bliss.

I have had the same colourist and stylist for longer than I care to remember. In fact, so long that I wouldn’t dare to even begin to work it out for fear of starting to feel very old. They were my hairdressers at Vidal Sassoon then when they both left to set up their own salon, I went with them because I couldn’t contemplate letting anybody else get their hands on my hair. They know me and my hair better than I do.

014So there I was, all robed up and nowhere to go for an hour or three when I was hit with the bombshell. It seems that all these years of highlighting my hair not to mention the daily blow-drying and straightening has finally caught up with me and my once luscious locks. My stylist pulled a sympathetic face and told me that my hair is really very fragile and I maybe it’s time for me to choose whether I want to be blonde or long. The thought of not being either, well, just doesn’t bear thinking about *wibble*

It’s so silly but my hair is my thing, you know? I have the odd should-I-chop-it-all-off moment of madness but I always come to my senses before I actually hit the salon. I couldn’t imagine not having long hair but the fact is that it’s getting gradually shorter and shorter. Basically it hates the bleach and isn’t growing as it should be and the hair that I have got is breaking. She has promised me that I’m not about to go bald but it is time to lay off the full on bleach blonde highlights. I always have a mix of colours anyway so it is just a case of going for more honey and caramel tones but still.

So today sees me slightly less blonde and thanks to Twitter, a shopping list as long as my arm for eye wateringly expensive Aveda goodies to lavish my poor locks with lots of TLC in the hope that it doesn’t all fall out any time soon *weep*


11 thoughts on “The one where I am not quite as blonde

  1. HonestMum says:

    I bet you still look fabulous and caramel is gorgeous! Aveda is definitely my go to for gorgeous hair products and I love moroccan oil (a little on the roots)-I also think folic acid and evening primrose oil really helps hair and skin so worth looking at those or hair, nails and skin supplements.


  2. MargotBarbara says:

    I’m sure that you would look equally gorgeous with shorter, or less blonde hair. I dye mine too, have done for years, and I have to keep it pretty short because it’s curly so dries out in an instant and then I just have massive bleached frizz, which, as you can imagine, looks awesome. Like Honest Mum, I recommend Moroccanoil. Works a treat on fragile, colour treated hair and it smells like exotic holidays…having said that, so does Aveda! *sigh* and now I’m thinking of hair treatments too!


  3. kooksybell says:

    I go from being very blonde to very dark in different seasons, I thought the going from one to another would be worse for my hair but it kind of gives it a break if you get me? 15 years of *whispers* bleach and its still in good condition. I’m in between at the moment so a darker blonde and I love it!

    I admire your daily washes though, I am too lazy. Batiste is my bf! 🙂


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