Dualit NX Coffee Capsules up for review

It is no secret that I am fuelled mostly by coffee and walnut whips. In no particular order of course. And I love my Nespresso machine more than is probably deemed normal but what is normal anyway? So when I was asked if I would like to try out the new Dualit NX capsules, I jumped at the chance.


Dualit NX coffee capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines and also Dualit’s new 3 in 1 Coffee Machine, which is the first coffee system to allow consumers to choose between ground coffee, pods or capsules. Each capsule is produced in the UK at Dualit’s brand new coffee plant, built on the same site as the West Sussex factory which makes the much loved iconic toasters, ensuring Dualit’s signature quality and minimal food miles from factory to cup.

Offering sophisticated flavour blends, Dualit’s new NX coffee collection provides something to suit every palate – from intense and rich flavours to smooth and dark infusions. Utilising just roasted Arabica and Robusta beans, these simple to use capsules offer flexibility and convenience, making it easy to enjoy professional quality coffee at home literally at the press of a button.


I was sent three different flavours to try – Smooth Espresso, Lungo Americano and Classic Espresso and I have to say that I enjoyed them all. Each box contains 10 pods and I liked that they are individually wrapped for freshness. The different coffees are rated by their strength and I like that the boxes are clearly show what the capsules are best suited for – for example the Lungo Americano is perfect for drinking as an espresso or lungo where the Classic Espresso is better for ristretto, espresso or cappuccino.

To find out more, please pop along to www.dualit.com/coffee



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