Countdown to Cybher 2013

I can’t believe that it is less than a week until Cybher, it seems to have come around so amazingly fast. Not that I’m complaining of course, I can’t wait! I’m so excited by the incredible schedule lined up for this year and I still haven’t decided which sessions I’m going to attend simply because I can’t choose between them!

Cybher 2013 I came away from last years Cybher conference feeling so proud to be able to call so many amazing and truly inspiring women my friends. The biggest thing that it taught me though was that actually, it’s okay not to fit into any blogging niche in fact, it’s more than okay. My niche is me. Compared to other blogging conferences where I felt like a fish out of water, this was quite a breath of fresh air. And this is the very reason why Cybher is the only conference for me this year.

One thing that I’m really looking forward to is meeting up with blogging friends old and new. I know there are lots of people coming this year that couldn’t make it last year so it will be great to meet lots of new people and put faces to blogs so please please please grab me and say hello. These days always pass in such a blur and no doubt I won’t get around to meeting all the people who I plan to during the day but of course there is always the party afterwards. This year is going to be all kinds of awesome, isn’t it?! Bring on the cocktails! 

So, will I be seeing you there…?


25 thoughts on “Countdown to Cybher 2013

  1. callatini says:

    I’m heading to Cybher and slightly freaking out about not knowing anyone. I hope I feel as inspired and comforted after it as you did! Maybe I’ll meet you there!


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