Tea India up for review

I was sent a gorgeous hamper from Tea India to try out some different teas to review here on the blog and oh my godfathers they were delicious. Tea India is a new premium tea range offering three authentic Chais and a black tea blend which have all been masterfully created using the finest ingredients and more than 70 years tea blending experience.


Tea India’s Cardamon Chai blends premium tea leaves with exotic, aromatic cardamon. An authentic Indian ingredient used in many traditional sweet and savoury dishes and to flavour hot drinks, cardamon seeds are often seen as a symbol of hospitality. I have never tried anything quite like this before it was so distinctive and simply delicious.

Tea India’s black tea makes a lovely everyday tea. It has a high Assam content for a robust golden flavour. This signature blend has been sourced by the master blender who grew up in Assam. His innate knowledge of creating the perfect blend using only the top two leaves and the bud of the Assam tea bush when the tea is at its freshest, ensures a superior cup of tea every time.


Right now the lovely folk over at Tea India are inviting Facebook users to discover and share a tea experience with a friend of their choice and are giving away free samples of each of the flavours. You can enter here to receive your free assortment of Tea India.

Tea India is available in selected Tesco stores nationwide priced at RRP £2.59 for 80 bags of Black Tea and RRP £2.39 FOR 40 bags of Chai blends. For more information please pop along to www.teaindia.co.uk 


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