What I Wore Wednesday

What I wore Wednesday..

..the Cybher edition

mostly yummy mummy what I wore Cybher London blogging conference

Black jersey maxi dress – Oasis (with a black jersey belt stolen from my Baukjen dress), Tweetie tag necklace – made by the super amazing Victoria Wallop, pink snakeskin sandals – Moda in Pelle, bracelets – Links of London, watch – Michael Kors, pink satchel – The Leather Satchel Company

I didn’t know what I was wearing to Cybher until I packed on the Friday morning that I left for London! I know I know! But with the weather being so changeable, I really didn’t know what to wear. Travelling solo meant that I had to travel light so taking different outfits so that I could choose on the day wasn’t really an option either because it’s not just the clothes, but the shoes and accessories as well of course. So I took a chance when I went for this maxi dress and thankfully I struck lucky with the weather! It’s just a plain black jersey maxi dress so it’s not the most photogenic of outfits I’m afraid. But I love the little cap sleeves and I put it with a jersey belt from a Baukjen dress I have so that I didn’t look too much like a sack of spuds.

There was never any question of what accessories I would be wearing that day though – it had to be my gorgeous silver Tweetie tag necklace made for me by my lovely chum Victoria Wallop. I absolutely love it and not surprisingly, so did just about everyone that saw it at Cybher! Ha! You can see more of Victoria’s beautiful jewellery here at Eve & Ned her Etsy shop. 

I bought my pink satchel after discovering The Leather Satchel Company at Cybher last year and I love it to bits. It’s quite roomy and can even fit my iPad in so it’s perfect for a day like Cybher. Well, I say that but I actually ended up forgetting my blasted iPad. I guess that will teach me for packing an hour before I have to leave for the train!

I can’t remember how long ago I got these sandals from Moda In Pelle but suffice to say that they are ancient! They are so comfy which is essential for a long day of course but more importantly, they are pink! Ha! I was so glad that I packed them though rather than a full shoe because after spending Friday wondering the streets of London, I had blisters on top of blisters from the new-ish ballet flats I was wearing. Ouch! When will I learn that I cannot see the whole of London in one day?!

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20 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday

  1. HonestMum.com says:

    You look absolutely stunning-adore the whole outfit, necklace is insanely cute and love the satchel. I adore Mode in Pelle too-my go to shop for sandals, knee highs, flats-the lot! Gorge x


  2. Funky Wellies says:

    That is so funny! I wore an Oasis maxi dress too, only in leopard print! Bought it on the Thursday and decided to wear it instead of the outfit I had originally chosen.


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