Oh Instagram, what have you done?

Oh Instagram, what have you done? You used to be my happy place. The place I went to look at pretty things. And cats. And feet. And to see what people in San Francisco are having for lunch. Everything looks so much nicer through an Instagram tinted filter, even the latest trend for eating cold porridge for breakfast. Overnight oats? What is that about?

Pimm's o'clock Instagram InstagramVideoBut no, for some reason you think that we want our stream of prettiness to be interspersed by badly made videos. Well some of us (in particular some of us grumpy old skool Instagrammers ahem) actually liked the simplicity of just looking at photos and think that crap is best left for Vine or in fact, anywhere else except for Instagram. Or actually maybe it is just me.

I don’t want to scroll through my timeline and have a video blare out no, no, NO! (There is a toggle button to turn off the auto-play feature in your Instagram settings by the way. You’re welcome.) But even if videos were my thing, the mix of photos and videos on the same timeline just doesn’t do it for me I’m afraid. To skip from a photo of raindrops on roses filtered within an inch of its beautiful life to a still of somebody captured open mouthed about to scream “Helloooooo Instagram” makes for a messy old timeline and I don’t like it! Not one bit!

Laduree macaron Paris London Instagram InstagramVideoTo be fair, I rarely like any changes that Instagram ever make but that’s only because I am an old stick in the mud think that some things are best left alone. I know that a few people have complained about the updates making the app slow to load for them and apparently there are blips when it comes to actually making your video and a few people on Twitter complained that after taking forever to fiddle around with it, their video has been lost altogether. Bugs like this will no doubt be ironed out in further updates but actually I’m kind of hoping that the novelty will have worn off before then and we can just stick to the pretty pictures. A girl can hope, right? Sigh.

For the time being, you can find me as @MostlyYummy over on Instagram. Strictly badly taken iPhone photos only.


12 thoughts on “Oh Instagram, what have you done?

  1. bushra says:

    i have to admit to being just as stick in the mud about app changes. i did think that it might be convenient to have videos and pictures in one place, rather than having two apps but to be honest i’m not that into Vine either. glad it hasn’t made you want to leave Instagram though, i love your updates 🙂


  2. MargotBarbara says:

    I have to admit that I had a play with Instagram video yesterday. It’s not great, although some of the videos from people I follow (amazing lifestyle bloggers from the US) have been wonderful.

    This, together with the previous big change at Instagram in December about the changes in the T&C to allow Instagram to use/sell our photos, have been two major changes that people have struggled with. The reason? In my opinion it’s all the fault of Facebook, who bought Instagram for mega-bucks last year. I hate Facebook and so this just gives me one more reason to be glad I left it! (Still, somewhat hypocritically, I love Instagram, so won’t leave that!)


  3. Hannah Ruth says:

    I’ll need to follow your instagram feed 🙂 I’m quite new to instagram and I haven’t seen the video thing yet, but it sounds a bit annoying. The main thing that shocks me most about instagram is the amount of trolling people do on it – I’ve never seen so many horrid comments between people. Apart from that I do love the ability to make my rather mundane photos look so pretty! x


  4. mummylimited says:

    THIS! SO THIS! I’m hoping that the novelty will wear off and people will stick mostly with pictures, but today my timeline is full of videos, bad ones. However, if anyone post lots I will be unfollowing. Don’t worry I will keep you supplied with food and cats 😉


  5. Jo | Geek Fairy says:

    Yeah but videos of cats are allowed, yes?

    I did obligatory first video (of cat) and well I’m not sure either really.

    But I do like the option I guess but it is fiddly to use.

    But I could easily live without it.


    *goes back to looking at images of cats, paleo dinners & girls lifting weights*


  6. Little Minds Big Hearts says:

    My first reaction is NOOOOO! Why??? But I’ll give it a go and probably change my mind over and over again about whether I like videos clogging my timeline. My instincts tells me that I will conclude with a No, I do not like.


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