LEGO Friends up for review

LEGO Friends have launched a new product series celebrating hobbies in Heartlake City and we were sent some goodies to review here on the blog much to the delight of my seven year old. She is at that age now where she still loves her LEGO DUPLO but is definitely ready for that next stage of LEGO fun and she absolutely loves the LEGO Friends sets!

The LEGO Friends story is based on the lives of five girls, Emma, Olivia, Mia, Andrea and Stephanie who live in Heartlake City. The building sets in the range reflect different parts of the town where their adventures take place from downtown, suburbs and the beach to camping grounds and mountains. Each of the characters has a distinct personality and I love how this opens up so many different games to play with them. This new series focuses on afterschool activities and hobbies with themes including swimming, performing, football and karate.

LEGO Friends Heartlake Pet SalonWe were sent the Heartlake Pet Salon which was perfect for my animal mad daughter! It’s a large set and the bricks come in two separate bags within the box making it easier to construct. There is a step by step guide to follow to build the salon that’s really easy to follow, literally brick by brick. We like to build LEGO together but my seven year old would definitely be able to follow the instructions on her own because they are so clear. I love that the bricks are separated into a bag for the actual salon building, then a bag for the extra pieces like the shelves and cupboards etc that complete the set.

LEGO Friends Heartlake CityThe salon comes with everything you could think of – it’s fab! It also comes complete with the Emma and Joanna character pieces and even a cute poodle so you can get straight to work in the salon. My daughter absolutely loved this set and I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough. Priced at RRP £29.99 I think this is really good value given the actual size of the set and all that it comes with. It would be a great start or indeed addition to any collection I think.

LEGO Friends Water Scooter FunThe great thing is that you can add to your collection as all LEGO sets, not just the LEGO Friends of course, are completely interchangeable. This Water Scooter Fun we were sent is priced at just RRP £4.99 and even includes the Kate character figure. Again it comes with a step by step guide to follow. I think these smaller sets are such a great way of building up your city.

LEGO Friends Poodle's Little PalaceWe were also sent some of the new miniature pet themed series including Turtle’s Little Oasis, Cat’s Playground, Squirrel’s Treehouse, Hedgehog’s Hideaway and Poodle’s Little Palace which are priced at only RRP £2.99 so they would make perfect pocket money toys or party bag favours. They come complete with a step by step guide and of course you could play with these on their own are they could happily be incorporated within the bigger sets.

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of LEGO and I think it goes without saying that these new Heartlake City sets get a huge thumbs up from us. I love how much the little Friends characters have captured my daughter’s imagination and she comes back to play with them time and time again.

To find out more about LEGO Friends please pop along to 


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