Happy feet

I spend far too long over on Pinterest pinning all the pretty things. It’s like shopping without the actual, umm, shopping. I plan imaginary wardrobes for you know, imaginary weekends in Paris and the like. This is totally normal behaviour. You should join me, it’s fun honestly! But sometimes, just sometimes, I come across pretty things that I need to have in my life. Not my imaginary life but my real life life. Things like bright yellow SaltWater sandals that would be perfect for my holidays. And it’s then that I wish that Pinterest would invent a button that could magically transport said pretty things directly into my wardrobe. Instead I found myself trawling the internet trying to find these perfect sandals and with every click I made, I convinced myself that they would match everything that I have ever owned in a completely don’t match but actually really clash kind of fabulous way oh my godfathers I NEEDED THESE SANDALS!

I found SaltWater sandals in every other colour but yellow, I also found them in every other size but mine and I had all but given up. Well, when I say given up I actually mean decided on a different colour to yellow but they were just not the same. They had to be bright sunshiny happy making yellow. Mr Mostly thought that I was insane and mumbled something about how they gave him flashbacks to the sandals that he was forced to wear with his safari suit as a child. Yes he had a safari suit for Sunday best and to make it even worse, his brother wore a matching one too. There is photographic evidence somewhere but I am quite sure that he would kill me if I shared that with the world. Anyway, where was I? Yes! Sandals! I had all but given up. Then I found them. Back in stock in bright yellow in my size on a site that I had looked at a week before oh joy of joy of joys!

And two days later, here they are. I don’t think that my feet have ever been quite so happy *sigh*

happy feet bright yellow SaltWater sandals

P.S. They are the comfiest things I have ever had on my feet and are crying out for a trip to the seaside. Of course I now want them in every other colour too but that’s not about to happen any time soon unless I win the Lottery which would be a miracle considering that I don’t actually play it. Ahem. But for those of you asking, I eventually found these at SunSan Sandals who do them for big people and little people too. Toast also have a great range too, in just about every colour but yellow. You’re welcome.

love mostly yummy mummy

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