Box De Lux up for review

I have tried (and loved!) monthly beauty boxes before so when Box De Lux got in touch and asked me to try out their new exclusive luxury subscription box, I jumped at the chance! Box De Lux is that bit different from your usual beauty box though as they aim to provide a limited number of boxes offering an extensive range of luxury products. But not only do they promise beauty goodies but also gourmet food, home and lifestyle treats too so I was really interested to give it a try.

“Each month you have a chance to taste, smell, feel and experience a selection of luxury products and you have the chance to give your feedback about what you love and why. Many top products from new and established leading brands with exciting offers and an exclusive access to our brand’s best products.”

I was sent their latest monthly box which was in fact The Summer Prep Box (are you listening weather?!) and as you might expect, it arrived packaged in a gorgeous box and inside the goodies were beautifully wrapped in tissue.

Box De Lux subscription beauty box

The beauty products included three different nail varnishes by Aden Cosmetics, Ultrasun protection for skin and lips, a liquid lipstick again by Aden Cosmetics and RevitaLash eyelash conditioner.

I had never heard of Aden Cosmetics before but I think the good thing about subscription boxes is in fact getting to try out brand new products. The nail varnishes were all lovely colours and I’ve only had the chance to try one of them so far but I was impressed with the way it applied and also its staying power. The Ultrasun products didn’t quite scream luxury to me I must admit but there is no question that they will be very useful as they offer high protection from those nasty UVA and UVB rays. The liquid lipstick goes on like a gloss with a wand but dries like a lipstick and I found it to be quite long lasting. It wasn’t in a colour that I’d usually go for though so this was quickly claimed by my teenager! The RevitaLash eyelash conditioner is worth £30 alone so I guess this was the ‘wow’ product of the box but unfortunately it didn’t quite wow me I’m afraid. I have started to use it and it definitely feels like it is conditioning my lashes but I think it is too soon to really see any difference yet. We’ll have to see!

Box De Lux beauty review subscription box

The gourmet treats included two different flavoured Nakd Crunch bars, sour cream and chive flavour Propercorn and sample of Moroccan green tea and Earl Grey from We Are Tea. I actually love that Box De Lux offer more than just beauty products and it definitely makes it that bit more unique in the sea of subscription boxes out there. All of the products were absolutely scrumptious and really rather virtuous too so they all got a huge thumbs up from me. I could quite easily become addicted to Propercorn. Oh so good!

Box De Lux beauty review subscription box

Box De Lux costs £35 per month and this first box also included a £20 off voucher to spend online. You can buy any of the products from their online store which is particularly handy if there is a product that you love of course. I have to say that I love the concept of a monthly treat arriving in the post and there is no question that the value of the products included far outweighed the cost of the subscription price. Obviously not everything will be to everybody’s taste as is the luck of the draw of these things and personally I’m happy to take that chance. I have to say that overall, I was happy with the box I received but honestly? I’m just not sure if it quite had the wow factor that I was expecting. But that does not take away from the fact that the things that were included were very useful not to mention tasty!

To find out more or to subscribe to Box De Lux, please pop along to 

love mostly yummy mummy


Disclaimer: I was sent this months Box De Lux free of charge for the purpose of this review but of course all words and opinions here are of course my own.

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