The one where I run out of excuses

For the last year or so I haven’t done any real exercise. That’s really bad, isn’t it? I’m not sure when I fell off the exercise wagon but the longer I left it, the easier the excuses came I guess. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t running marathons or anything before we’re just talking about bits of exercise at home on the cross trainer and exercise bike or my old faithful Davina DVD. Fitting exercise into your day when you have young children is always going to take effort but then I realised that actually, since September I have most days to myself so that excuse just wouldn’t wash any more. Nor could I carry on counting hoovering the stairs as exercise because I broke out into a bit of a sweat. And the long Sunday walks definitely didn’t count if they ended in roast beef and Yorkshire puddings. And apple pie and custard. Oh.

exercise Davina DVD mostly yummy mummy fit healthy I’m not actually sure what made me think that I needed to get my arse into gear. There was no question that I was a little rounder around the edges but my clothes were still fitting so that really didn’t bother me. And I haven’t weighed myself for years now so it wasn’t that either. Oh actually, that’s not true because I was last weighed in February when I had my annual MOT and my nurse knows me well enough not to tell me what the scales said but she did say that I haven’t put on so much of an ounce in the last year. But that aside, I knew that I wasn’t in the best of shape. You know when your arm carries on waving after you have finished? Well, yes. Little signs like that. Last year saw me have a run of bad health in fact I have seen more doctors in the last twelve months than I have probably seen in the whole of my adult life. But I want to put that behind me and feel like the old me again. Fit and healthy. That’s all I want.

So anyway, at the start of last month quite out of nowhere I blew the dust off my old Davina Fit DVD and oh my godfathers it feels good to be exercising again. I know half an hour of jumping around in my living room doesn’t sound much like real exercise but it sure feels like it to me. And to be fair, Mr Mostly scoffed at my efforts until he nearly did himself a mischief taking the mickey trying to do the warm-up with me bwahaha! I measured myself at the start and in about four weeks I have lost an overall ten inches – a whopping five of which off my waist alone! So maybe I was a little rounder around the edges than I had realised. Hmmm. But actually that just feels like a nice bonus and isn’t why I’m doing it. For the first time in a long time I am actually enjoying my little bit of exercise. And I’m starting to feel like I’m not about to fall apart at the seams any more. It’s a rather nice feeling.

love mostly yummy mummy

7 thoughts on “The one where I run out of excuses

  1. Wendy says:

    Oh…. wait for me please. I need to join in, I have a very massive list of excuses and pretend exercise….. DIGS OUT DVD SIGH.


  2. sam - Up All Hours says:

    Good work! It’s the getting going bit that is the hardest. I too am just getting back into the old exercise lark and have been enjoying a good old aerobics class again. It also means that you can snack guilt free! 🙂 x


  3. Suzanne (@eggdipdip) says:

    Oh well done! I’m terrible. My running gear lay, unused, on the bedroom for a fortnight before I put it away. I was full of good intentions when I looked it out, but the pull of the duvet was just too strong. I really need to get a grip too.


  4. Kate Davis says:

    Well done. I had this feeling of motivation a couple of weeks ago and did my exercise despite a few challenges that tried to get in the way. Unfortunately it didn’t last beyond that one day so I want to start again.


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