School’s out

The summer holidays used to fill me with absolute dread when I worked full time because they meant that my childcare juggling skills were pushed beyond all limits. In fact, a particularly disastrous summer eight years ago was a huge factor in me deciding to give up work for good. I only had two children then and they were set to go to a holiday club that was run in conjunction with their primary school for the whole six weeks. I was already racked with guilt at the thought of palming them off for the whole holiday but then two weeks before they were due to break up, the club was cancelled due to lack of demand. Just like that. I had zero childcare for the long six weeks ahead and a full time job to keep hold of. Absolute nightmare. We muddled through of course – we had to! But I swore never again. The summer holidays never fail to remind me how giving up work was the best thing that I ever did for us all as a family.

mostly yummy mummy school summer holidaysWe have gone on to have two more children of course but I now love the school holidays! Life couldn’t be more different and I absolutely cannot wait for my whole brood to break up for the summer. I have seen them all flag in these last few weeks and have been counting down to the day they finally finish. They so need this break. It feels so good to finally have that long summer in sight and I love that we are now lucky enough to enjoy the freedom that it brings.

All four of my children are in full time school now and it feels like every minute of every day is structured in some shape or form and being able to shake off these shackles makes for more relaxed children. And a much more relaxed family life. I’m never going to be the kind of parent who draws up a spreadsheet of scheduled fun ahead of the summer of holidays. I actually embrace the freedom that comes with six long weeks off, knowing that we will have plenty of time for (hopefully) a holiday by the seaside, lots of days out and even more lazy days at home. I think children need time just to be. I come from the school of thought that boredom isn’t actually a bad thing. In fact, I’m quite convinced that giving my children the freedom to be bored means that they rarely are. That last sentence made more sense in my head but it’s true.

So goodbye being tied down by school runs, forgetting to sign forms for this that and the other, battles over homework, school uniform to iron, PE kits to lose and not to mention every after school activity under the sun and HELLO SUMMER!

mostly yummy mummy

12 thoughts on “School’s out

  1. theramblingred says:

    “I’m quite convinced that giving my children the freedom to be bored means that they rarely are.”
    I completely agree!!! As a mum I sometimes feel guilt that I’m not entertaining my kids 24/7 BUT boredom helps them to be more creative. I’m often amazed at what they manage to do without me sticking my beak in!!
    I love this blog – have a great summer,
    Red x.


  2. Bells (@bellslittleones) says:

    Do you know, I was wondering only today how working parents manage school holidays! Obviously I am a few years away from this problem but I don’t know how people get round it! Both sets of grandparents are in full time work so I really have no idea. What did you used to do? X


  3. Hannah Ruth says:

    I was lucky as a child – I had a stay at home Mum and my Dad was a teacher, so school holidays were wonderful times of togetherness for our family. Enjoy all those lovely weeks together! x


  4. Contented Calf says:

    Thank you for this post.

    I’m a part-time self-employed mum of two little ones (1YO and nearly 4YO). I tend to really struggle with the juggling, in particular when the kids get sick and I can’t work for a week (or two because the other one gets poorly the week after). Because my income is mere pennies (I WILL be a millionaire one day), it’s always my work that loses out. I can find it so frustrating, especially when I have such dreams and drive for my work. At times like this I state to my DH “I am going to get a full-time permanent job. That way, I’ll be earning some decent cash and we’ll have to work out between us who looks after the kids if they are ill/does school drop off, pick up/goes to school plays etc. It’ll be fair.”

    However, reading this post has made me remember why that’s not the answer for us. What I need to do is work at making the business a success, so that it can be my long-term employment. And then, because I’m my own boss, I can make it work around me, and have a lovely long summer holidays with the kids, instead of fretting about summer childcare and dealing with my guilt.


  5. growupgreen says:

    I choose to work from home, as does my husband, which means the summer holidays are a strange juggling act between my husband and I, trying to make sure meetings don’t clash! However, I too love them, and plan a combination of doing nothing, doing fun things and squeezing in work! Today, my hubby was in the house in the morning, they came to a “meeting” this afternoon (thankfully my work involves mums and kids, so sometimes it is appropriate for them to come!) and then I left them too it in the garden, with water. Awesome!


  6. Grenglish says:

    Am so relieved to read this after my recent decision to give up work! I hope I will start to look forward to the long summers now too, instead of 6 weeks of guilt, fear and dread!


  7. Ella Rose West says:

    Oh my God, you’re so good! 4 kids and you sound like you ROCK the hols! I’ve got to admit, I love my kids, but I can’t help the relief that washes over me when bed times comes around – and I only have the 2!
    Thanks for the read,
    Ella x


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