Back to school *wibble*

The last six weeks have gone in the blink of an eye. Seriously. How can it be time to be heading back to school?

This summer has felt like a real summer with all the great weather we’ve had. Surely the best in a very long time? And what a difference it made! We got to spend lots of lazy days in the garden. I never thought the day would come that I could sit with my feet up and my nose in a book. But the little ones are at an age where they can play nicely and there’s no longer a real danger of them eating worms if you take your eyes off  them for a second. As for the teenagers, well they were happily holed up in their flea pits of bedrooms glued to their phones on these lazy days. In fact if it was up to them, every day would have been like this.


Mr Mostly has pretty much been working seven days a week lately what with his own business plus starting a new venture with my Dad. Hectic does not begin to cover it! But we squeezed in as many adventures as we could when he could take any time off. Nostell Priory, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Coniston, Fountains Abbey, Sherwood Forest… Although I’m sure if you asked my five year old, her highlight would have been a trip to Ikea for hotdogs. And for my seven year old, it would definitely have been the trip to Paperchase. Like mother like daughter. On both counts. Ahem.

Nostell Priory National Trust Yorkshire days out

Sometimes it’s the small things that count though. The things that I can sometimes be guilty of finding boring are the very things that the children love the best. The trips to the park, spending forever choosing a book in the library, baking with Mummy, snuggling on the sofa watching How To Train Your Dragon. Again. But actually for me the best thing about the long summer holidays is just having time to be. All of us together. Bickering and all.

baking Smartie cookies mostly yummy mummy blog

We had a great week away in the Lakes last week. Our first and only real holiday this year which is unheard of for us. This year has been a hectic one for so many reasons and I feel lucky that we were able to get away at all. We squeezed so much into our time away though that I actually came back more exhausted than when we left! I must admit to being a little sad that this will be the first year that we haven’t been on a single camping trip. And of course back to school and the looming Autumn mean that we won’t get another chance. But hey, there is always next year, right?

Lake District Windermere Visitor Centre family life mostly yummy mummy blog

The last few days of the holidays are getting quickly swallowed up in the chaos of last minute back to school shopping that I always plan to do at the beginning of the holidays every year but never quite do. Come Wednesday, I’ll be packing off my brood in their shiny new shoes and a bit too big uniform. My son is in his last year of his GCSEs, my eldest daughter is just starting hers. My seven year old will be heading to junior school while my five year old embarks on Year 1. It’s all a bit scary to think where that time has gone. Gulp. Almost as scary as the thought of coming home to a very quiet house on Wednesday. Wibble.

mostly yummy mummy

6 thoughts on “Back to school *wibble*

  1. Lauren (@LaurenInSuffolk) says:

    I love how positive you are about school holidays and about not wanting your children to go back to school.
    We had our first school holidays experience this year, with Charles not going to preschool anymore and I felt like I was one of only a few who was looking forward to the time and not dreading it.
    Charles starts full time school this week and I’m having a wibble, despite trying my best to keep it together.
    It sounds like you made the most of your time together as a family x


  2. 3yearsandhome says:

    I’m yet to have the ‘back to school’ feeling as my boys are too young but I really, really hope that I have the same feeling and attitude as you. I want summers to be long, a little lazy but a whole lot of fun.


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