Hello Autumn

The arrival of the gorgeous boots of gorgeousness this week hailed the start of autumn for me. As did the realisation that sandals on the school run were really not an option unless I fancied blue toes. Brrrrr. It was definitely time to pack away my sandals and have a swap around in the shoe cupboard of doom. Goodbye SaltWaters, hello Uggs. And not forgetting my faithful old patent LK Bennetts of course. Oh and a big squishy welcome to my new Ash babies *swoon* I do love boots. Almost as much as I love autumn.

mostly yummy mummy autumn wardrobeWhile I was on a roll, I thought I’d pack away my summer dresses and of course what should have been a ten minute job turned into a huge wardrobe sort out. There was a moment when I thought oh-my-godfathers-what-have-I-gone-and-started! But now that it’s done, I’m so glad. Blouses, cardigans, dresses and blazers, all perfectly lined up in my wardrobe ready to go. Morning wardrobe crises will be no more. Well, in theory that is. Oh, who am I kidding?!

But it was a really good chance to be ruthless with The Leaning Tower Of Jeans and also The Drawer Full To Bursting With Leggings though. I mean, how many pairs of jeans does one woman need? Or identical black leggings come to that? I’m thinking not as many as I once had. I now have drawers that actually close again – hurrah! I’m terrible for buying two pairs of the same jeans if I love the fit but actually, I think this is a habit that I really need to kick. Too. Many. Jeans. 

Hello autumn, me and my very no doubt temporarily tidy wardrobe are ready for your lovely crisp and chilly loveliness now.

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18 thoughts on “Hello Autumn

  1. Emma white says:

    I love this post, I agree women do tend to have way to many clothes and when it comes to switching it comes to a huge sort out.
    The wardrobe is tidy until we go shopping again.


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