Colgate Oral Health Month

I was invited to an event held by Colgate last month for Oral Health Month but unfortunately I couldn’t make it. It coincided with the same day that all my children went back to school and that was one pick up that I wouldn’t miss for the world! If only the powers that be could move London a little closer to Yorkshire so I could make it there and back within the school day, eh? But the lovely people at Colgate very kindly sent me a goody bag including this little lot to make up for missing out on the day!

Colgate Oral Health Month mostly yummy mummy blog

We all know how hard it can be to always get your kids to do as you ask but a nationwide survey of parents reveals that almost two out of three mums and dads resort to rewarding their children in return for behaving properly and doing simple tasks– even brushing their teeth. The survey of 2,000 parents with children aged 1-10, commissioned to mark Colgate’s Oral Health Month, an annual initiative designed to raise awareness of oral health across the entire country, showed that nearly one in ten parents reward their children for cleaning their teeth. This statistic was matched by getting ready for school on time and being well behaved at a friend’s house, while one in five give rewards for eating all their dinner and almost two in ten parents reward children for tidying their room. Yup, guilty as charged on that last one!

There seems to be some uncertainty about the importance of children’s milk teeth and parents can risk neglecting their young child’s oral health needs. But actually kid’s teeth do matter and before they fall out, children are going to need healthy milk teeth to eat well, to have confidence smiling and speaking and to avoid the pain that can be caused by things such as tooth decay or infection. Regularly visiting a dentist should enable effective prevention of problems. This is always going to be easier than trying to solve problems after they have occurred. Making tooth brushing and good oral hygiene a part of your child’s daily routine ensures that they are set for a healthy future, without dental problems. I must admit that my little ones have always been really good at brushing their teeth. Keeping their rooms tidy? Not so much. But hey, you can’t have it all!

Colgate Oral Health Month takes place every September and aims to provide people around the country with useful information to increase awareness, understanding, and positive behaviour towards oral health. You can visit for more information. 

mostly yummy mummy blog

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