Dragonfly? Tea?!

One of my very favourite if not the most favourite thing about writing a blog is stumbling across an old post like this and remembering the silliest of moments. Erm, health and safety types might not want to click on that link. No children were shrunk in the making of that post. Ahem.

But my blog gives me the chance to record the silliest of details that might well be forgotten over the years. Things like my seven year old still being young (and daft) enough to believe just about everything that I tell her and me taking full advantage of that fact. She was watching me make a cup of tea and of course nothing ever gets past her.

Dragonfly Tea mostly yummy mummy

“Is that a new box of teabags, Mummy?


…Does that say dragonfly?

…Dragonfly tea?

…An actual dragonfly?

…Are you drinking DRAGONFLY TEA?”

So of course I did what any other mummy would do and lied through my teeth. Yup. She thinks my teabags are made of crushed up dragonflies. She screamed when first given the opportunity to touch one but her curiosity soon got the better of her and she asked if she could sniff one. Dead dragonflies smell lovely apparently. They taste even better *cough*

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