The one with too many books

One of the luxuries of having time for me again is being able to indulge my love of books. When the children were teeny, it was so hard to find any real time for myself and when I could grab a minute, I would normally collapse into an exhausted heap in front of brain dead tv rather than pick up a book. Partly because I never knew when I would get another minute to myself so I gave up on the thought of ever being able to finish a book again. But I’m lucky to be able to make up for lost time and now I always have a book on the go. One of my most favourite (if not very simple) pleasures is to start a new week with a new book.

Collins Classics books mostly yummy mummy blogI have so many books that I have run out of shelf space and they are now doubled up. I wouldn’t mind but there are very few books that I cannot bear to part with, the rest I happily pass on to friends or charity. So it’s not that I am a huge hoarder, it’s just that I have a rather large (and ever increasing) to be read pile. Of course this storage issue could be solved instantly if I switched over to a Kindle or the like but that’s  n e v e r  going to happen. I read the odd thing on my iPad don’t get me wrong, but it just isn’t the same as reading a real live book with delicious crisp pages. This is one part of my life where technology will never ever take over. Ever so often I will try to impose a book ban on myself but it never normally lasts for very long. I just can’t resist the lure of a new book. If I never bought another book for the next ten years, I bet I still wouldn’t run out of things to read!

And then of course having bookworm children doesn’t help my habit either of course. My teenage daughter is a voracious reader, I can’t think where she gets it from *ahem* and when we were on holiday this summer, there was a little bookshop in the village where we were staying. They had lots of Collins Classics in the sale and we both left with an armful each. I can never say no when it comes to the children asking for new books (and they know it) but it was also a perfect excuse to revisit my favourite reads from my old English Lit days. Like I needed an excuse to buy more books…..

mostly yummy mummy blog

2 thoughts on “The one with too many books

  1. Grenglish says:

    Same here, will never switch to a kindle. Love opening a crisp new book and am spoilt for choice at the moment. We are a house of readers but I must make more time for it. Losing yourself in a good book is the best way to relax and unwind x


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