Waitrose Pumpkin Carving Kit up for review

I was sent a Pumpkin Carving Kit from the lovely folk at Waitrose to review here on my blog. I feel like I need to start by adding some sort of disclaimer that I am the least crafty person in the whole wide world. Does anyone remember my attempt at marshmallow sheep?! *cough* To be honest, I thought it might have been beyond my very limited capabilities but it had to be worth a try, right? Well, actually yes it was! Thanks to this handy bit of kit, my children think that I am some sort of pumpkin carving champion and I won’t lie, I am rather pleased with how we got on!

Waitrose Pumpkin Carving Kit

The kit includes a lovely big pumpkin, tools and a cutting guide including a book of patterns to choose from. It gives full instructions of how to get started plus includes all sorts of hints and tips to get the best results. First of all, we cut a whole in the bottom of the pumpkin and scooped out the innards using the tools. Can I just say though that for all my years of pumpkin carving, I have always cut it open from the top forming a kind of lid? So maybe this is where I have been going wrong? Why have I never thought of this before?!

Waitrose Pumpkin Carving Kit

The girls then chose a pattern from the book. There are twelve patterns and they are all rated with a mastery level from easy to challenging. Lucky for me, my girls chose something that was on the easier scale *phew* and we went for the Kitty Bat. You then cut out the template from the booklet and position it on your pumpkin. Obviously you are placing a flat piece of paper on to a round object so it does take some fiddling then you tape it into place.

Waitrose Pumpkin Carving Kit

There is a special tool that you then use to run over the lines on the pattern and this leaves little pin pricks on the pumpkin. You then remove the paper and use this as a guide to follow for your cutting out. The template really is foolproof and shows you exactly which bits should be removed. The tools made light work of the carving especially when I think of all the years that I have previously risked losing a finger or three by just using a kitchen knife! Eeek! I’m sure I don’t need to point out the obvious here but the tools provided are very sharp and this is definitely not a job for little people.

Waitrose Pumpkin Carving Kit

When the pattern was all cut out the image instantly came to life and with a bit of fine tuning and levelling out, it was done in no time. I can’t believe what a difference it made using the proper little saws it made it so much easier. And of course, the template meant that we were left with an AMAZING pumpkin rather than my usual bodged attempts! What do you think? Good, eh?

Waitrose Pumpkin Carving Kit

This Pumpkin Carving Kit is available from Waitrose online and in store now. Priced at just £6.50, I think it is really good value. I would happily pay that for one amazing pumpkin but of course the tools and other templates mean that you can go on to make many more! I think we might try our hand at spooky ghosts for Halloween itself… Watch this space!

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Disclaimer: For the purpose of this review I was very kindly sent this kit free of charge from Waitrose but all opinions here are of course my own. As is the new found skill of being able to carve a pumpkin that doesn’t embarrass my poor offspring. 

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