Happy Halloween from Haribo!

My children absolutely love Halloween – even the big ones! We always have a big party at home and get all dressed up. The little ones are especially excited that it falls in the school holidays for us this year as it means that we can have a whole day of spooky fun!

We don’t go out trick or treating ourselves but there are lots of children in our village so we get lots coming to our door. It’s always so nice to see them all dressed up and the children love handing out the sweeties. And thanks to the lovely folk over at Haribo, we certainly have plenty of treats to share with them this year!

Haribo Halloween sweeties


Haribo have a whole range of Halloween sweets this year including Mega Boxes from Asda containing 50 individual mini bags of the spooky themed Horror Mix. These spooky themed gums and jellies create a delicious bundle of treats for all those wizards and witches that knock at the door!

The Halloween Party Bucket available from Tesco is a whole cauldron of fun including 40 mini bags of Halloween goodies plus glow in the dark stickers and cards with scary games and bloodcurdling invites. Plus you have the chance of winning the ultimate Haribo party if you are lucky enough to find a winning ticket inside!

Haribo Halloween sweeties

Haribo Fangtastics are available in 200g sharing bags from Tesco and come with that same great ‘tang’ found in Tangtastics but with a bit more bite! These are great for parties as they are perfect for decorating cakes or just tipping into bowls for sharing.

So whether it is trick or treating, parties or something tasty for you to share with friends (or not ha!) I think this range of sweets is perfect. Happy Halloween folks!

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Disclaimer: For the purpose of this review I was very kindly sent the hamper of Haribo goodies shown. 


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