The one with an hour of indulgence

In celebration of the clocks going back last night the lovely people over at Dreams sent me this amazing ‘Hour of Indulgence’ hamper so I could make the most of my extra hour in bed. Erm.. wow! Can the clocks go back every week please?!

Dreams The Bed Experts (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

I remember a time when the changing of the clocks would actually fill me with dread. When you have little ones, the clocks going back usually means an even earlier wake up call than ever and any semblance of bedtime routines go straight out of the window. I tried changing the time they went to bed to trick them into sleeping for longer but it never ever worked. Children, well mine at least, are never easily tricked. It was just a case of being woken up at the crack of dawn before the longest day ever and then sleep being even more up in the air than usual for a day or two until they adjusted. I thought I had said goodbye to a decent nights sleep forever let alone an extra hour in bed but roll on a few years and my little people who refused to once sleep now sleep like proverbial logs. You never think the day will come but it does, promise!

Dreams The Bed Experts (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

The bed experts at Dreams sent me two top of the range Tempur Cloud Pillows so I could really make the most of my deserved extra hour in bed. Tempur pillows soften as they respond to your body temperature and it really was like sleeping on a cloud. I have to confess to being a bit of a Goldilocks when it comes to pillows, they can’t be too soft nor too firm, not too high nor too low. But I am very happy to report that they had that perfect balance of being supportive but with a luxurious comfortable feel. Bliss!

Dreams The Bed Experts (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

After years of sleep deprivation at the hands of my darling children and then an awful bout of insomnia earlier in the year, I think I have actually forgotten how to sleep in to be honest. But that didn’t mean that I didn’t get to enjoy my extra hour in bed. Oh no! I woke up to a silent house remembering that there was a hamper of luxury breakfast treats waiting for me. Breakfast in bed and Marie Claire for company? Oh go on then, twist my arm!

Happy Sunday folks!

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Disclaimer: For the purpose of this post I was very kindly sent the luxury hamper shown and also two Tempur Cloud Pillows to review priced at £84.99. The smug feeling that comes from a full nights sleep followed by the luxury of breakfast in bed is all mine. 

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