A little bird told me..

You might remember but just last month, I was lucky enough not only to review a beautiful pair of hummingbird earrings from Lily Charmed but also gave another feather pair away to one very lucky reader. Well, a little bird told me that Lily Charmed are branching out into the wish granting business….

Lily Charmed hummingbird hoop earrings mostly yummy mummy

Is there a Lily Charmed piece you’ve been pining over for months but never quite allowed yourself to buy? Then they are here to help! Or maybe somebody in your life needs a hand picking pressies for mummy from the kids? They can be that hand!

All you have to do is send an email to alittlebirdtoldme@lilycharmed.com to tell them your name, the piece that you’ve been wishing for and don’t forget to let them know the email address of the person who might need a helping hand *ahem* They will secretly email a gentle nudge with a link to your wish piece and will also be given a special little bird discount code for their purchase.

Such a lovely idea, don’t you think?

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