The one with the call of doom

So there I was, in the mood to start to feel all Christmassy, set to make a start on my Christmas shopping last week. Yes start, please don’t tell me that you’ve finished all of yours..? Anyway, I arrive in York on a roll and a few presents down I head for a quick pit stop in Pret (their Christmas sandwich is to die for by the way) and then it happens. The Call Of Doom From School. I swear my children have implanted some sort of homing device upon my person that sets off a siren should I escape the boundaries of our village. Always the way isn’t it?! Complete panic stations ensue arghhh!

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogHome to collect a very poorly little girl with a raging temperature who is promptly sick all over (and I mean ALL OVER) my favourite dress. It was either the dress or my soft furnishings. It was a close call and a very split second decision. I think I made the right one. I hate it when they are poorly. Well that’s stating the obvious of course I do! But my poor little lamb chops was knocked for six and we spent the rest of the week cuddled up which is always a bonus of course. She’s all better now and thankfully none of the others caught her lurgy which is a miracle when you have as many children as I do. It’s normally just a case of waiting for the next one to fall but touch wood we are now germ free. Until the next time of course. Stupid school full of stupid germs pah!

So here I am at the start of a new week ready to feel all Christmassy again. I must admit that I have already sneaked in some online shopping but it’s not quite the same as hitting the shops at this time of year, is it? I always swear that next year I will be more organised and start shopping earlier but it never happens. Mainly because I actually love shopping at this time of year. I actually love the hustle and bustle, the lights and gingerbread lattes then getting home and squirrelling away the shopping bags from little eyes. Love it. LOVE IT.

Happy Monday folks.

mostly yummy mummy blog

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7 thoughts on “The one with the call of doom

  1. Kerry says:

    Sorry to hear your little one was poorly, but glad to see someone else leaves everything to the last minute! Panic makes me shop better, maybe, I think…


  2. aliciasunday says:

    Yes, the upside to them being ill is the snuggling part. I will as usual plan to have most Christmas shopping done by November and will no doubt as usual be doing most of it on Christmas Eve and wrapping until 2.00am.


  3. jripatti says:

    Poor lil one. So happy it didn’t get yall. My two year old, Daddy and myself all had it last week. Its violent and awful but so relieved my 5 month old didnt get it too. While we all cuddled on the couch with sick bowls she laid happily next to us smiling, cooing, and laughing. Hope she is feeling better soon and your dress and upholstery were spared. Ours took a huge hit.


  4. hurrahforgin says:

    We’ve just been through exactly the same thing, i’m exhausted at the baby would only sleep being held! yawn.
    Glad she is all better though, it is horrible but almost worth it for the cuddles x


  5. Notmyyearoff says:

    Stupid germs. I’m glad she’s better and the rests of you escaped. I really need to try a gingerbread latte. I’ve only ever drunk toffee nut ones before!


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