Happy Christmas with love from me to me

This year, my Christmas gift to myself is making time to actually enjoy it! I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but it brings out an overwhelming nesting instinct in me. Previous years have seen me spend the run up to Christmas having a new kitchen fitted, because that isn’t stressful at all is it? Or there was the year when I thought I would just touch up the paintwork in the hall and ended up glossing the whole house because every bit of woodwork in the entire house is connected somehow. Top tip: A whole raw onion chopped in half and left in the room magically makes paint smells disappear if you are planning on any ridiculously non-essential DIY paint jobs hours before your guests arrive for Christmas. I may or may not have learnt this after hysterically tweeting something along the lines of HOW DO I STOP MY HOUSE FROM STINKING OF PAINT?!? #HELP Good old Twitter. But I am determined that I will not WILL NOT set myself the most impossible tasks and if you catch me tweeting so much about moving any furniture about other than the annual where the hell are we going to put the three Christmas trees this year shift around, please stop me.

Yankee Candle Merry Marshmallow (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogNo, this year I am going to enjoy the run up to Christmas. I’m not talking about running away to a luxury spa for a month while delegating all the work to the elves. Although that does sound like a rather good idea. No, it’s about the simple things. Experience has taught me that the weeks of December are in fact the shortest weeks of the year. Fact. But why shouldn’t I make some time for me before the children break up? Somewhere in between the planning, the shopping, the preparing, the synchronising of diaries, the wrapping, the squirrelling away, the decorating, the food, the parties, the making sure that everybody is where they should be, the carol concerts and the visiting of everybody that is.

I want to read A Christmas Carol. I promise myself that I will read it every year and never do but this year I will. I want to have a ridiculously long bubble bath until the water goes cold with nothing but The Nutcracker for company. I have downloaded my ancient CD to my iPhone in readiness. It will happen. I won’t wait until Christmas itself before lighting my Merry Marshmallow candle. I’ve lit the bugger already and plan to enjoy it for the whole of the month. Hell, if it runs out before the big day I might even treat myself to another one. Rock. And. Roll. And I want to tick all of these little things and more off my very own To Do List before that last week of term where I am never away from school. Not that I don’t enjoy that bit of course. I do. I plan to watch the nativities in duplicate this year just because I can.

I am determined that I will not be that put upon mother who collapses in a heap come Christmas Day. Surely if Christmas is feeling stressful then you’re doing it all wrong? A stress free happy run up to Christmas. Yes. That’s what I’m having this year. Happy Christmas with love from me to me. Who’s with me?

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3 thoughts on “Happy Christmas with love from me to me

  1. jripatti says:

    Love this. Mommies definitely need to enjoy the run up as much as everyone else. I have been making “A Me” list along side my normal To Do list this festive season. Every year I get so wrapped up in the rushing and running around that I never fully enjoy each moment myself. As my kids get older n get more into the holidays I really want to experience it with them. I think ur list of ur own to dos is fab. See my “A Me” list in the next week or so. Happy holidays!!!


  2. tea cake and my boy says:

    This is just fab and you make sure you enjoy some time in the run up. I’m so with you…I always end up doing some jobs and cramming in quite stressful ones at that but this year I’m proud of myself – I resisted the urge to retile the whole kitchen floor. Ha as if that’s not stressful right in the run up. 😉 xxx


  3. Kelly P says:

    I’m with you sis’ta! Enough of Keeping Up With The Kardashians syndrome. I’m doing Christmas my own way this year: Nice and simple. And my kids seem to be embracing it too. My 14 year old told me last night ‘Please don’t worry about buying me lots of stuff this year. I honestly don’t need anything. You can just wrap one present – and it doesn’t even have to be a big one. I’m just looking forward to seeing everyone (grandparents, cousins, aunt, uncle)!’ 🙂


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