The one where I am in hiding

I’m currently hiding as I write this. Mr Mostly (quite out of nowhere) is in one of those irritating oh-lets-do-all-of-the-DIY-jobs-that-I-have-successfully-managed-to-ignore-for-the-last-five-years-or-so moods. You know the jobs I mean. The little jobs that he keeps meaning to get around to but never quite does and quite frankly, it has been so long that I have learned to live with them.

I long gave up on letting a snagging list make me grumpy. It doesn’t get things fixed any sooner it just makes me, well, grumpy. Like the curtain tie back that fell out of the wall a week after putting it up when we moved in seven years ago. The fan in the bathroom making a funny noise. Those kind of jobs. I should be grateful that he is finally getting around to them of course. But there is nothing quite as irritating as a man on a mission to use his new drill, is there?

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If it stays still for long enough, I’m sure he’ll take his hammer to it. And I pity the teenagers by the time he gets around to their rooms. To say that their rooms are flea pits is being rather generous. I honestly can’t tell you the last time I even went into my son’s room, I just tend to close the door as I pass. So when he goes in there brandishing his tool box I can’t see them getting off lightly. I see a major tidy up operation in their very near futures bwahaha!

As for me, well like I say I am hiding. I’m afraid that I can’t muster up the same level of enthusiasm that Mr Mostly suddenly has for DIY. Although my hiding is being occasionally interrupted to find new homes for things that have been living in the wrong home for so long that it had actually become their right home. Why is it my job to know where everything lives? Oh and of course I have to keep the tea coming. Builder’s tea no less. I do hope that this mood passes as quickly as it arrived……

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

10 thoughts on “The one where I am in hiding

  1. Jenny says:

    Hilarious Sarah, love this post. I would definitely have to hide if Mr. P ever picked up a hammer to DIY in our house as I am the DIYer but that’s never going to happen the poor man doesn’t know what the difference between a flathead screwdriver and a phillip screwdriver is…. I guess I should count my luck stars he doesn’t. Hope you are enjoying your hiding place.


  2. WallyMummy says:

    LOL! My husband does this too… but it always goes wrong, he always gets angry and I always end up with more mess and jobs than I started with! haha x


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