Emma Bridgewater Teapot up for review

I am a huge Emma Bridgewater fan and have been building up my collection quite literally one piece at a time for a couple of years now so when I was asked if I would like to review a Polka Dot Teapot, I jumped at the chance! Just look at her, she is an absolute beauty!

Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot Teapot (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

Tea always tastes so much better when made properly in a teapot, don’t you think? It’s one of those things that I do without really thinking but there is something lovely about the ritual of it all. Warming the pot, then in goes the tea (one for each person and one for the pot) in with the boiling water then five minutes brewing later, you have your perfect cup of tea. Lovely. And always worth the wait. Early Grey is my absolute everyday favourite but Darjeeling or a good English Breakfast sometimes get a look in too. Whatever it is, it is pretty much guaranteed to be served with a splash of milk in one of my beloved Emma Bridgewater mugs and maybe a biscuit or two. None of this herbal stuff for me I’m afraid, I like ‘real’ teas.

It has to be said that tea is especially lovely when made using my lovely new teapot. It makes four generous cups of tea so is perfect for a family breakfast. Weekends are made for long lazy breakfasts of course, well, I say breakfasts but it’s usually brunch in our case by the time I get Mr Mostly and the teenagers out of bed! Or indeed for those of you like me who like to drink tea by the bucketful during the day, it’s just perfect. Oh and it pours like a dream! In my all time favourite polka dot design, it also sits prettily on my kitchen shelf in between brews. I love how the many different Emma Bridgewater patterns perfectly compliment each other though so I can keep building my collection over time. And being so beautifully made, they will no doubt be working hard in my kitchen for years to come.

It has to be said that the teapot (like everything else I have ever bought from there) really is of exceptional quality. All Emma Bridgewater products are made in the UK. Each and every teapot, bowl, milk jug, mug, saucer and egg cup is hand decorated at their factory in Stoke-on-Trent – how lovely is that? And not something that many companies can often boast these days. And yes, Emma Bridgewater is a real person! Emma and her husband Matthew have been running the business and designing the wares since 1985. I love that the designs really do have that personal touch. Emma Bridgewater definitely feels like home to me.

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog


Disclaimer: For the purpose of this review, I was sent this Emma Bridgewater Polka Dot Teapot which is currently priced at £49.95 but all opinions here are of course my own. 

6 thoughts on “Emma Bridgewater Teapot up for review

  1. glamorous glutton says:

    I’m a massive Emma Bridgewater fan too. I don’t any longer have my EB teapot but I loved filling it with a morning brew and then leaving it on the corner of the Aga to keep warm, from time to time topping it up with water and when necessary a new brew was made. Tea on tap perfect and so pretty. GG


  2. Lauren says:

    Gosh that’s pretty. I’d love a proper tea pot, and a pretty one like that. I fear I’m too much of a coffee person to use one though, although it’s pretty enough to just sit on show isn’t it 🙂 x


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