The one with the fatty bum bum

In the past, I have had a really unhealthy relationship with my weight or more specifically, my scales. I would weigh myself every day (in fact often several times a day) and what they told me would set my entire mood. Completely ridiculous of course. So when they broke a few years ago, I didn’t replace them and for so long it actually felt liberating not knowing what I weighed any more. I would occasionally measure myself with a tape measure if I was on a new exercise regime but for the most part, just going by how my clothes were fitting was a good enough gauge for me.

The only time that I have been weighed over the last few years was when visiting my nurse and she knows me so well that she never  told me what the scales said. (And I’m guessing that she must have been happy with my weight from a medical point of view because surely it’s her job to tell me if I’m a fatty bum bum?) But at the beginning of November, I came across an old print out from a run of the mill check-up from back in February at the bottom of my handbag. My weight was written down in kilos which might as well have been in Mandarin – I only do weight in old money. But curiosity got the better of me and for whatever reason, I stepped on the scales at home (that had eventually been replaced by Mr Mostly at some point) Not only was I shocked by how much I weighed back in February once I had converted it into good old fashioned stones and pounds, I was even more shocked to realise that since then I had managed to put on another whole stone. Gulp.

M&S Speckled Egg Whip (Mostly) Yummy Mummy BlogI can’t blame having children on my weight gain. Not only is my ‘baby’ almost six, despite piling on the pounds during all of my pregnancies (and we are talking putting-on-over-four-stone-a-pop-and-the-size-of-a-house HUGE) by and large, it always fell straight back off. I was one of those annoying women who was back in her skinny jeans two weeks after having my fourth baby. I know, I would have hated me too but honestly my baby weight just fell off, I swear I didn’t so much as lift a finger to make it happen. I do think that my age has some part to play in my putting on weight though. There’s no question that my metabolism has slowed down now that I’m in my mid thirties (thirty six and three quarters is still officially mid thirties, right? It’s definitely not late thirties. No definitely definitely not.) I certainly can’t eat what I want anymore like I once could. And to be fair, it was seemingly quite easy to gain what? A pound or so a month? Without even really noticing. How scary is that? But excuses aside, I was overeating. It really was as simple as that. Sigh. I was kidding myself that I was okay while ever I could still squeeze into my size 12 clothes but the reality was that I was almost three stone heavier than when I met Mr Mostly nineteen years ago. Ouch. Talk about a wake up call.

So since November, I have been watching what I eat. I mean really watching what I eat and counting every calorie. I don’t deny myself anything and I am definitely not on a diet. Most of all, because diets don’t work in the long term, everyone knows that. No, the changes I’m making are changes that will stay with me forever more because I only plan on shifting this weight once. I can’t believe how I have let myself go and I won’t let it happen again. I started using the Slendertone Abs belt around the end of November and I wanted to get the most out of it so I think that definitely helped to spur me on in the earlier days especially when the results were so visible. But most of all, when it comes to food I have taught myself what moderation actually means. For example, I no longer kid myself that it’s okay to eat five chocolate hobnobs while I wait for the Nespresso to make me a latte because hey, it’s really not. I have been using an app on my phone to count my calorie intake each day and weigh myself about once a week. I’m making much healthier choices but I haven’t given anything up. Not even walnut whips. Well, especially not walnut whips. But actually I’ve learnt that one walnut whip a month won’t break the scales but half a dozen a week will. It’s not rocket science, is it?

I won’t pretend that it has been easy because it hasn’t and if I was on a diet, I am quite sure that I would have given up by now because it is taking me so long to lose these pesky pounds. In the first week I lost six pounds but then at best I have just been losing one or two pounds a week but most weeks, my weight stays exactly the same. I figure the longer it takes to shift it, the longer it will stay off so I will keep on plodding on. What I am doing is working it will just take time and that’s fine. So no, I don’t have any dramatic before and after pictures in fact other than losing a few chins, I’m not even sure that anyone would notice that I had lost any weight unless I told them. But since the beginning of November, I am really proud to say that I have lost fourteen pounds altogether. One whole stone. I still have a long way to go mind but it feels like a huge achievement seeing those scales move in the right direction.

So here’s to my new healthy relationship with my scales. Now that’s something I never thought possible!

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20 thoughts on “The one with the fatty bum bum

  1. sarahsscribble says:

    What a great post. I’m pretty much in the same boat and too have been avoiding the scales, but imagine my horror when, like you, going for a review with the nurse a realising I was over 2 stone heavier than what I was a year previous… it made me feel sick, I’m not even HOW you do that, but I DO know I ate DAMN well! The only difference now is Ive decided not to do anything drastic, no silly starvation diets nor will I succumb to Slimming world again but I will eat healthy, in moderation, and move just a little more. I havent weight myself since January but I have noticed I feel alot better and even if it proves I havent lost weight, feeling better is a whole load of good.



  2. Karen K says:

    What a great post! You always look great anyway but how you feel is so much more important. Oh how it mirrors my life right now!
    Our scales broke a couple of years ago and with 2 teenage girls in the house, who I didn’t want to influence, I didn’t bother to replace them. Like you, I relied on how my clothes felt. I was still fitting into my size 12’s and thought that was fine but i’d sometimes catch sight of myself and see thunder thighs and a rounder tummy that I wasn’t happy with. I had no energy or motivation, 8 hours of sleep was never enough. So, at Christmas I replaced the scales and was shocked to discover I weighed 10st 4lb (I can’t believe I’ve written it down!!) thats 2 stone heavier than when Paul and I got together 11 years ago and 1 stone heavier than the last time I weighed myself. I was shocked but it spurred me into action. I turned 39 early this year and knew it was just going to get harder.
    I got the Couchto5k App and My Fitness Pal back on my phone (I’d half-heartedly attempted them 2 years ago) and have been calorie counting and portion controlling for 2 weeks now. I’m not denying myself anything apart from white bread. I’m trying to run 3 times a week too. We live by the sea so I have a lovely beach to run along and I feel more energised because of it. As you know, because of your review I bought the slendertone too. I’m hopeful that by the summer I’ll be a bit leaner, a bit fitter, bouncing out of bed in the morning and have a wardrobe full of clothes that are too big! I’ll look forward to that shopping trip 🙂


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      We have such similar stories which actually makes me feel so much better! I totally wimped out of putting my weight in my post but seeing as you’ve been so brave I think I should be too. My starting weight on 1st November was 11st 10lb (oh the shame!) and today I’m 10st 10lbs eeek! But we can do this right? I know we can x


      • kbmanc says:

        Scary how it creeps on and you don’t notice. I blame the stretchy skinny jeans and tights/tunic dresses we both love so much, they hide it too well! When I need some encouragement I’ll be turning to you x


  3. Jenny says:

    What a great post. Although you seem to be flawless fabulous all the time. Lol It is crazy how easily it can creep up on us. Especially after having kiddies. That freaked me out the most. I need to be a healthier person for sure. It was on my resolutions list but so far I have done nothing about it.


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      I read the other day that just drinking one latte a day for a year can make you a stone heavier – that’s how easy it is for the weight to creep on! And that actually explains my weight gain quite a lot haha!


      • Jenny says:

        WOW I never knew that. Scary stuff since I have about 4 or 5 a day. Explains a hell of a lot. Thanks hun. 😉


  4. MargotBarbara says:

    Great post. I completely empathise. I’d been scales-free for a while, but just before Christmas my partner bought new scales for us. Fancy ones, that measured not only your weight but your % fat mass! Happy Fatmass…
    Anyway, he’s since sold them (he’s a minimalist, so we often sell stuff!) and so now i’m back to blissful ignorance. Or, rather not. Because in the short time we had them, I weighed myself daily and now I’m all too aware that I need to lose a stone. Having been a runner and now, through injury, finding myself sat on the sofa more than moving around, I really have put on weight.

    It feels easy enough to avoid it in the winter, by piling on layers of clothes but Spring will be here before we know it, and I’ll still have a wobbly, grey winter body. The time has come to really do something about it. I said the LAST time I lost a load of weight that it was going to be the one and only time I did it, and I failed because i did it too fast and unrealistically. This time, I’m going for small, sustainable changes. Fingers crossed.

    Oh, and 36 and 3/4 is definitely mid thirties. As is 37. And 38? Erm. I’ll let you know how I feel about that in June!


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      I really do think that small and sustainable is the way. It might take longer to get there but I’m certain that the weight will stay off. And as for 38, I’m quite sure that is still mid thirties, you’re okay for a while yet 😉


  5. TheHandmadeMum (@DaniAskins) says:

    Well done, I am in the process of trying to cut down but not completely cut out. No dramatic results but like you say better than crash diets where you loose it all quickly and put it back on-although having said that I am dreading being in a bikini on holiday in less than too week!


    • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy says:

      Cutting down is definitely the way. I have seen so many people lose lots of weight on silly crash diets then it all goes to pot and they end up bigger than they started! Good luck with the bikini – not that you need it mind I bet you look fab already. Have a lovely holiday 🙂


  6. Victoria Knowles says:

    I hate scales and invariably end up leaning on the work top as I lower myself onto them. Even resorting to tiptoes. Just in case it shaves a pound or two off, oh and clearly you should never breath while standing on them- oxygen’s actually quite heavy. You’re right, it’s about small changes, sensible changes and chucking those bloody scales out!


  7. Wendy Tomlinson says:

    Great post. 2014 is my year to tackle my weight. And no I really can’t blame baby weight as my son’s 12 now. I’ve been making small changes and starting to feel the difference. I work a great deal on the computer and really love my work which means little exercise during the day. I now walk daily and I’ve got my exercise bike in the room I work in, so that I can do a quick blast every hour or so.


  8. metropolitanmum says:

    I am not a fan of scales but I have to say that they help me keep a certain weight. Sad but true. Good luck with healthy eating – temptation is everywhere, and I find it especially hard with kids around whom you can’t deprive of their treats xx


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