Hello good hair days

It might be a tad dramatic to say that a hair dryer can change your life. But seriously, this hair dryer has changed my life!

Say hello to my new Parlux 3200 Compact hair dryer. What it lacks in a snazzy name, it more than makes up for in its hair drying abilities. And let’s not forget that it’s pink. It comes in other colours too but I went for pink because it matches my bedroom wallpaper. Obviously.

Parlux 3200 Hair Dryer (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

My previous hair dryer was ancient. I bought it from Toni & Guy at least ten years ago if not longer. For the last year or so it kept cutting out and it would have been quicker to dry my hair by standing next to the draft that comes in from the front door. Seriously. But I become strangely attached to inanimate objects, especially ones that have previously served me so well and I just couldn’t bring myself to ditch the rubbish old thing while it was still on its last legs, I had to wait until it actually died a death. And die a death it did. Hello bad hair day!

I had heard a few people rave about Parlux then recently, my friend Karen had treated herself to one and had said how good it was so that definitely made my mind up for me. I’ll be honest though, I did wonder just how good a hair dryer could be. I mean they all essentially just dry hair, don’t they? How good could it be? I won’t even pretend to understand the science behind it let alone bore you with it here. A beauty blogger I am not. But man alive this is a life changer. Well, maybe that is a tiny bit of an overstatement but it is most definitely a hair changer.

For starters it is lightweight so no dead arm when drying your hair. Hoorah! But best of all it has cut my drying time at least in half and it leaves my hair shiny and completely frizz free. It’s amazing! I have naturally very wavy and very frizzy hair and I’ve never been able to get such a smooth result myself at home. I still use straighteners but it is literally a case of a quick ten minute run over with my GHDs rather than the full on forty minute straightening session it used to take to tame my hair after blow drying before.

I am so glad I treated myself. Worth every single penny. Hello good hair days *swish*

(Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blog

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2 thoughts on “Hello good hair days

  1. pottymouthedmummy says:

    I’ve been eyeing up one of these beauties for a little while now so might treat myself this year. I live in constant fear my 10 yr old Nicky Clarke drier will explode in my face!!!


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