Happy half term

It was half term for us last week and on one hand, it seemed to have come around really quickly but on the other, it felt like an awful long time since Christmas. Either way, it couldn’t have come soon enough for me, I love February half term. I always plan to have a purposely lazy week. It’s nice to have a week just to be, you know? No uniforms to iron, no packed lunches to make, no PE kits to forget but best of all, going to bed without setting an alarm. But what I thought would be a lazy week of nothingness actually turned out to be quite a busy week. It didn’t feel like it though because we squeezed in what felt like lots of lazy days of nothingness too. But I think there’s a lot to be said for just taking the week as it comes. They’re usually the best kind of holidays.

My youngest two stayed overnight with their Granny and it was quite nice to have some time just with the teens. It doesn’t happen very often. And in between that and our lazy Malham Cove, North Yorkshire (Mostly) Yummy Mummy Blogdays at home, we had some really lovely days out too. There was a point last year where I thought our family days out were numbered as both the teens’ moaning reached tipping point. But actually, I think we’ve all reached a silent understanding that days out are just what we do and they have learned to like it or lump it. To be fair they mostly lump it but the way I see it, they get lots of time to do their own thing too so the least they can do is spare me the odd day out. I’m not quite ready to leave them home alone while the rest of us go off for the day and while ever I can get away with dragging them along, I’m bloody well going to. At fourteen and fifteen, I still get some say. Oh who am I kidding, our days out as a six are totally numbered, aren’t they?! Ha!

But for this holiday at least, we had some lovely days out. A lovely long walk at Malham, the most breathtakingly beautiful place and somewhere that I haven’t been since I was a kid. A very cold afternoon at Nostell Priory to blow the cobwebs away. Then on Sunday we had a lovely wander around York before coming home to a big fat roast. The perfect end to a lovely week. I just wish that it wasn’t over so soon. Sigh. How long until Easter..?

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4 thoughts on “Happy half term

  1. Sinead says:

    Getting up this morning just about killed me and our two… we too are counting days until Easter! x


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